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The kids are together talking about the wedding, seemingly planning it without either participant involved.

Trace and Emma are babbling about The Bridge. He's still talking about his next chapter, but also wonders about her life and why she's always late coming back from breaks.

He plays her song to her wanting to know the genesis.

She was going to follow her rockstar wannabe boyfriend about on tour but decided she deserved better.

Abby and Mick talk about muffins, grandma, and how proud he is of her for standing by her convictions.

Mick has a day of attorney meetings. Megan asks him to accompany her on the wedding venue visits.

Trace wants Emma to play The Bridge. He's in a pinch. She can't. She just can't.

Kevin wants Connor to cool it on the wedding stuff for a while. They're just starting out. Connor used Kevin's news to talk to Danielle about their future.

Danielle has very strong opinions about not meeting family.

There's gran! She's buying muffins.

Abby has a moment with the muffin man. She's appalled that he wants her to grab the door for her.

Jess wonders if Bree is going to break up with Simon. She says that you don't need to breakup because you're unhappy. And you don't need to be passionate to have a passionate connection. He's smart, funny, and has a sexy accent.

Maybe Bree has a problem, Bree decides.

Jess and David didn't get the inn. They only way they'll outbid their competition is to call his parents. Jess wants to convince the buyer to accept less money.

Abby gets served.

Simon is back in the states. Does he live there? Bree brings up the importance of passion in a relationship. He likes shared values, a sense of humor. They almost have a moment, but they're interrupted by Jess and David.

Neither Kevin nor Sarah ever imagined their wedding before they got married. She thinks it's been a great blur since they announced their engagement.

Jay Ross is the third-grade teacher and playground monitor and also Ruth Ross' nephew who just moved here. When he points her garbage duty in a different direction, she sits and almost cries. He gives her a juicebox.

Trace puts Emma on the spot. When she falters, he plays guitar while she sings. Trace's manager is in the audience. Of course.

Megan and Mick talk about his troubles while looking at wedding sites. And she has no idea what she wants to do next, either. She likes helping young artists get their start. He thinks the way she fights for others is admirable.

They're looking at the site where they got married. It's a very powerful moment that ends with a kiss.

Kevin calls Abby a hero.

Emma is well aware of who Mark Hall is when Trace's introduces the two.

Megan and Mick think what they did was a very bad idea that leads down a dark path. They agree it won't happen again.

The kids go on the hunt to get Jess and David the inn. They talk loudly about how Hal Hewen won't sell them the bed and breakfast. The guy isn't impressed.

Bree and Simon get into a bit of an argrument. He thinks they're trying to hard. She thinks they're not picking up where they left off like they used to. They need to get out of their heads a little bit. Like do and not think.

When they kiss, Bree looks very unimpressed.

Gran thinks it's silly for Mick and Megan to skip the pleasantries. If she'd played it safe, none of them would be there. 

Bree is ready to listen to her heart. Simon isn't the one. She just really, really, really wishes he was. Connor doesn't feel all too connected to Danielle, either.

Jess wants to use very high heels to help her score the inn.

Jess is in Washington, DC. She's Shannon Cage. She represents the Boston Pecks. They, too, are interested in the little inn. She's blowing smoke, but David appears just in time.

Kevin suggests maybe there is a compromise to their wedding madness. She's good with whatever he wants. 

Connor discusses family with Danielle. He worries that she's not close to her family and might never be. But she likes his family and how he interacts with them. She says she loves him.

Jess' perfect inn might have electrical issues.

Simon reads something to Bree. He's had the ending of his next book all about them and how their love changed each other. He's letting her go because he can't stand the thought that he's making her unhappy.

The paper he drops on the floor is blank.

Bree toasts when Mick arrives at the bluff. She doesn't want to walk away from what could be for fear of what was.

Emma feels comfortable with Trace. Trace sees Abby on the bluff, and she turns his head.



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Chesapeake Shores Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Kevin: We're just starting to talk about our lives together. We have a lot to figure out.
Connor: I know, but our family needs something to celebrate.
Kevin: Our family celebrates everything! Chesapeake Shores celebrates everything. I'm just not going to allow my wedding to compensate for any of it.

Mick: See? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Now you're channeling me.
Abby: Oh, dad, I've been happily channeling you my whole life.