Abby Gets Some News - Chesapeake Shores
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Kevin wants Abby's hypothetical advice about how a girl might want a man to propose. Soon, all three of his sisters are on the bed and teasing him about possibly proposing.

When Kevin leaves the room, everyone squeals in delight, and new entrant Connor is lost.

Trace arrives home to a bottle of champagne from his parents. Lonely, he calls Abby, but she's not answering.

Sarah and Kevin are driving Jess to the new place, the Inn at Tanglewood. Sarah notices Kevin seems nervous.

Mick wonders about Abby's thoughts on Trace's return.

Jess is going to keep the family abreast of possible proposal options.

Connor is walking with a coworker who is also his love. I totally forget her. She's on the fast track for partner.

Abby is at Capital Management to lure a new client with Porter Fund. Mick was impressed with the possibility. He thinks they're going to become family because that's how Derek's father treated their partners.

Derek gives Abby his personal card to call him anytime.

Megan keeps checking the paper for Bree's latest bestseller results. She moved up a spot, and Bree texts Simon with the good news.

Bree wants the Kodiak Theater group to pick up her play.

Megan and Mick have been talking about Bree's production.

David greets Jess at the inn with a rose in hand.

Kevin and Sarah exchange I love yous outside of the Inn.

Jess arrives at the house with flowers for Abby. Mick tells him in no uncertain terms that if Abby wanted to talk, he'd know it.

Abby is concerned about Derek's numbers.

Abby and Megan wonder about Bree's play. Is it about them, too?

Mick checks in on Trace. Trace doesn't take the poke at his return well and says he's here to stay.

Connor gets an underhanded comment from one of his clients who says she would hire him in a second if he wasn't so busy trying to save the world.

Kevin gets pretty close to perfect and attempts to propose to Sarah. She's already onto him, but then Kevin says he asked her dad about the picnic. She's having an awesome day.

Trace is arguing on the phone with John. He's done, but nobody wants to listen to him.

Just then, there is a woman playing the guitar and singing. Her name is Emma. A dude rudely talks to Trace about the music thing not workin' out. Trace picks up the music Emma dropped, and follows her inside.

Connor doesn't seem pleased with billable hours and taking over the world.

A concrete man is getting taken down. Paul Dilpher is his name. Mick wants to know what Paul did to get taken down, but Paul says they're partners.

Abby has no intention of welcoming Trace back into her life. She made a decision and she's sticking with it.

Bree is talking with a young fella who loves her work. She can't stand that kind of behavior. Teddy Stife. She is down two producers and there is only one to go.

Bree tells Megan the play isn't about the family and gives it to her to read. Hummingbirds in the Attic.

It's a romance about her and Simon.

Kevin and Jess talk by the fire. He wanted it to be perfect, but his attempt to propose to Sarah has gone all wrong. But Jess isn't happy either. She feels like the Inn is a job and not a family.

Connor is at The Bridge after hours and he and Trace talk. Connor wants a more exciting life while Trace wants what he had before.

Connor tells him when Abby runs.

Kevin starts telling Sarah he lied about why they visited the Inn. She admits she stole the eggplant when they first met because he was mildly cute.

So over brunch, Kevin starts to propose and there is a ruckus out in the hallway. David isn't happy either but doesn't want to ruin it for Jess.

Mick doesn't think the O'Briens are a family of happily ever afters. Megan thinks it's going to get interesting for Bree since she wrote it about Simon.

A playwrite approaches Bree who is fall-over excited about it. Hannah Ersow.

She just signed on at the Baltimore Rep as resident director. She wants to do her play.

They see the exact same issues in the play, so it's high fives all around.

Connor agrees he became an environmental lawyer because Uncle Tom offered him a job when no one else would.

Abby thinks the Porter Fund is a ponsi scheme.

Kevin and Jess talk before leaving. He says she's a terrible spy.

Apparently, Emma isn't a performer. She's a bartender who never sings for anybody. He tries to encourage her, but she doesn't take it well.

Jess and David both want to go back to Chesapeake Shores to try to rebuild the Inn because it's theirs and it's home.

Megan and Mick talk about the past and Sundae Night Sundays when they ate ice cream like the girls.

Connor decides to skip the discovery process. He can win it. He wants to go to court.

A flat tire takes Kevin and Sarah to the exact spot to propose. He walks toward her shaking his hands with anxiety. It's incredibly simple and utterly perfect.

Abby is thrilled to see Trace when they run into each other running. She's so happy he followed his dreams. She wants him to have it all. But what if he doesn't want that anymore? She can't go on the rollercoaster anymore. He promises that it will be different this time. She is tired of having the same conversation. She can't hurt anymore than she already has. She can't go back, and neither should he.

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Chesapeake Shores Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Trace: Right now, I'm just trying to fix what's broken.
Mick: Yeah, but you don't see her when you're not here. Abby's my daughter, Trace. I'm just looking out for her.
Trace: I'm not leaving again. I'm here to stay.

Megan: So, honey, we just want to know about your play. That's not about us, too, is it?
Bree: Hmm. Um, not exactly.