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Megan is working on floral arrangements for the wedding centerpieces. Connor likes one with daisies and Bree likes them all.

They've found contaminated soil samples at one of the building sites, so Mick and Abby have work to do.

Robert Buckley is in the credits!

When Connor speaks out in a meeting, Linda gets perturbed. Connor is so eager to to please that when he gets a court assignment, he stands up, buttons his coat, and thanks his boss, who wants him to sit down so they can continue.

Megan finds a painting of Chesapeake Shores about three decades old. Megan thinks it's an Author Driscoll, who was a big deal in the art world in the '60s. She's excited that she might have the chance to authenticate it since there are so few in existence.

Kevin approaches his captain at the firehouse about the triathlon. He won't participate, but he agrees to coach him, and then he calls Kevin Carl.

Abby tries connecting with Evan Kincaid. She's angry and wants to speak with him today about the CS deal.

Thomas is in town and catches Abby on the phone. He's checking out a space in Baltimore for office space, and Abby has a suggestion.

After Connor speaks out in court and wins a stay, Linda is pretty impressed, and the paralegal is, too.

Megan gets Arthur Driscoll on the phone, but she's cut short when he hands up on her.

Evan Kincaid calls Mick by Facetime. He's in Newfoundland, dangling on the side of a rock wall. He thinks the asbestos stuff is too complicated, and he'll just build elsewhere.

Evan decides to stop by tomorrow.

Thomas drops by The Bridge to see Mick. He wants to talk about the Hampton area property, but Mick is swamped.

Luke Tatum stops by, as well. Mick has good memories of Luke's dad. Mick thinks that Luke might not be interested in the kind of work he has to offer, but Luke has electrical experience, impressing Mick straight away.

Mick doesn't want to be in business with Thomas since they're getting along for the first time in years.

Connor and Linda are in court again. Judge Martinez is a pain in the ass. Connor slays him.

Abby and Mick think Evan is late, but he was there a half an hour earlier. He's rolling around on a hoverboard.

Margaret tells Connor to keep an eye out for the sharks. She thinks Connor seems more dolphinesque than sharkish.

Connor is stunned to see Linda working with Dilphor.

Bree and Jerry are chatting on campus when he wonders if one of her characters is based on him. She says he was an amalgamation. He says, so it's another way of saying yes. Been there done that. It hurts!

Megan gets a tip from Kevin on triathlon training and dealing with Arthur Driscoll.

Evan has decided again not to build. She literally runs into Jay, who insinuates himself into her rotten day.

Connor asks Linda if Paul Dilphor is a client. She's a jerk about it. She gives him some BS answer with a sideways compliment, but we know she's going to use him, so she's on the naughty list.

Bree is nervous to start teaching.

Megan persists with Driscoll, but he slams the door in her face after saying she paid too much.

Luke tells Mick he's still making amends for past mistakes. He needs Mick to sign forms. He's got a parole officer who he needs to check in with once a month. Mick is shocked, but you can tell he's willing to give Luke the benefit of the doubt.

Mick says that some of the best men he knows are ex-cons, and Luke needs to stop running and talk to him.

Luke got into a fight when a guy at a bar was all up on a waitress. The other man hit Luke first, but when Luke hit him back, the guy fell backward and hit his head. Luke served two years for assault and battery.

Abby and Evan catch up, and he uses a put sink as a reason to think it over.

Thomas and Mick revisit memories from childhood.

Evan visits Abby at home. He is going ahead with the build again. As long as she rides point on the project.

He values that she doesn't like him and will tell her what she thinks, which is rare in the billionaire business.


Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Judge Martinez: Well, Connor O'Brien, don't you agree that people of the male gender tend, on average, to have greater upper body strength than those of the female gender?
Connor: Well, yes.
Judge Martinez: And we're dealing specifically with, as I understand it, warehouse workers, lifting things. Am I correct?
Connor: Yes, your honor.
Judge Martinez: Alright then.
Connor: But.
Judge Martinez: Mr. O'Brien, you better make a cogent argument or pack up and leave.
Connor: Uh, yes, your honor. I, I, I.
Judge Martinez: I'm waiting, Mr. O'Brien.
Connor: Yes, I, I have three sisters, your honor.
Judge Martinez: That's your argument? You have sisters?
Connor: Yes, sir. Three of them.
Judge Martinez: And...
Connor: And I find that women are capable of doing anything men can do.
Judge Martinez: That's a matter of opinion, Mr. O'Brien, and not a mitigating factor here.
Connor: Isn't it, though? Your honor, I'm talking about a deeper strength, one not represented by physical labor. I mean, when women are presented with a problem, they don't just solve that problem. They think three steps past it, and they get the job done.

I'm a huge patron of the under-ten-dollar arts.