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Bob invites Connor to dinner, but he gets an uneasy feeling about it. Bob thinks he has good sense of humor, but he's too sharp to be taken kindly.

When Bob, Connor, and Linda are alone sharing a drink, Bob launches into Mick's business. They're so insensitive and how they talk down to Connor shows they're not the firm that Connor should be working for.

Mick and Thomas are going to hike the Appalachian Trail. It's an adventure. David and Jess arrive with beef stew and wild mushrooms. Apparently, the inn is full since people are looking for the Snallygaster, a mythical creature that is half bird and half octopus. David is like, huh?

The paralegal suggests to Connor that even if his drawer has a lock, he shouldn't leave papers around willy nilly.

Abby and Megan drop off Mick and Thomas, and Megan suddenly realizes they're dropping off Mick and Thomas for the weekend.

Abby wants to know if Megan and Mick are getting back together. Megan thinks so, and Abby thinks it's nice.

Connor needs to talk to Abby. He's paranoid about the office. Abby thinks he should believe them about the firewall, but after what the paralegal said, neither of them are so sure anymore.

Sarah and Kevin are at the firehouse getting ready to try the five-alarm fire. Captain keeps calling Kevin Carl, and even when corrected again, he is kind of annoyed by the correction. Then they realize that Cap used Baking Soda instead of salt.

Jess and David still have a lot to prepare for their wedding.

Thomas and Mick discuss their growing age. Thomas even wonders what ever happened to men like their dad, who did everything. Mick wonders what is is with Thomas and aging and dying.

The inn is alight with Snally guests.

Megan talks about the artist she's trying to rediscover.

Kevin is concerned about Cap. Sarah said his former partner was named Carl, and he died in a fire.

Megan takes food to Driscoll, but he still shuts the door in her face. Twice.

Thomas is obsessed with how slow they're moving. Then they begin talking about the competition between them and how Thomas thinks Mick was his favorite. Then two young men bypass them on the trail. They don't know how to pace themselve. They'll burn themselves out.

They want to find a specific boulder, and Thomas is concerned about how steep it is. Then the two of them careen down the hillside. Huh. It's not the same boulder.

David wants wedding cupcakes so that guests can all have their favorite cake. Jess wants a traditional wedding cake.

How about that plus one, Abby? Jess suggests Jay. They're something going on there, and it might be just what Abby needs.

When Mick tells Thomas to walk off his twisted ankle, Thomas really dislikes the phrase. No cell reception. Mick cannot climb back up the hill.

Now, they discuss anti-inflammatory drugs for their arthritis. Thank goodness, Thomas brought them along.

Abby has a question for Connor about an original document she needs. When he turns around, there is a guy taking photos, and Connor is immediately suspicious. Abby assures him the guy is OK and always photos their sites.

When Kevin visits Cap, he's lost his car keys. When he gets Cap an iced tea from the fridge, the keys are in there. He calls Kevin Carl again, too.

Evan calls on a Sunday to talk about changing the plans, which annoys Abby, who needs to pick up the kids from Tai Kwan Do.

Their instructor wants Abby to take out her frustration on the bag, and Abby considers taking a class.

As Mick considers a carabeener, Thomas in his splint is already up above.

Kevin visits Cap again. He's Kevin this time. Kevin asks him if he's OK, and Cap admits he's been forgetful. He's had a heck of a time sleeping, too. It's not a big deal, he says, but he appreciates Kevin caring.

Abby and Connor have a lot of digging to do for that file.

I bet they're going to find something helpful for the case.

Yep, Abby found contracts from when Dilphor was on staff. There is a signature on the original document, but Mick was in Florida for Connor's favorite birthday. He took them to DisneyWorld. They subequently find a photo with a date of the family, which means that Dilphor forged the document. And if he did one, there could be more.

A dude named Mr. Sullivan visits Luke at the bar. He's Luke's Probation Officer. He just wanted to come by in person to his new place of employment. Luke was supposed to tell them that he had a record, but he didn't. It's a violation of his parole not to tell them. Now the guy has to consider whether he'll let it slide. And he does, for now. Sullivan is happy that Luke told Mick. There aren't any more second chances.

Mick and Thomas find the boulder. The guys are there, too, and Thomas and Mick ask for their help to recreate their photo from before. They kids are super excited that they're still hiking after all this time.

Jess and David talk about believing in the Snallygaster. The tooth fairy delivered him a hundred dollar bill. Jess got a quarter.

Abby is destroying the bag. That was just the warmup. She's shocked.

Jess and David decide to have both a wedding cake and cupcakes. When an owl screeches, David drops to the dirt.

Mick and Thomas come home with their photo, and they're so excited. But, Megan doesn't think it's the same boulder.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Megan: I hope they'll be OK.
Abby: What? Mom, this was your idea. You said you wanted them to come out here work things out.
Megan: That's before I thought about two men in their sixties lost in the woods for the weekend.

Thomas: Face it, Mick. We're old.
Mick: Ah, old is in your head. I feel like I'm 18 inside.
Thomas: Me too, but then I walk by a mirror and I see dad lookin' back at me.