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Bree was homesick in London. While there she visited with Simon and his fiance.

Jess comes out to the porch with Abby and Bree, wearing her bride shoes. She doesn't make them look comfortable, but she's breaking them in so that she can wear them all day.

She also expects her sisters to be nice to her all day, even if they're making fun of her door-kicking dance moves.

Mick's making pancakes. Who doesn't love that the entire family is up in the morning?

Jess thinks that the Pecks have given up on the European wedding, but she's going to lunch with the Pecks, so we'll find out.

She's hoping to ignore the prenup, hoping it will go away.

Mick remembers Jerome Trask.

Jay hopes that he gets to spend the day with Abby and the kids tomorrow, but it's not a date. It's clean the beach day. He'd like to ask her out, though.

Abby, Bree, and Jess are going to sign up for the triathalon, and Megan considers signing up, too.

Abby says she's never been better, but she's still remembering Trace. This time, she walked in on him and Mick as Trace was selling his half of the bar to Mick.

I'm not sure why the weird wigs for Abby's memories.

Jess is trying to avoid the prenup, and she's going to great lengths to do it.

Mick is losing business over the Dilford stuff.

Dennis and Diedre are planning to leave, and Diedre tells Jess that she's relieved that the wedding will be in Chesapeake Shores, and asks if she got the prenup. She says that it's an umbrella that protects Jess. She also left another surprise in the room for Jess.

Abby wants Mick to continue growing the business no matter what. And he shows her the new nameplate he made for her. President.

The firm loses two more clients despite how hard Abby tried to get them to stay.

Kevin is at the convenience store again. Hi Luke.

Kevin asks Luke if he might want to work at The Bridge. Luke pretends he's not interested.

Bree has yet to meet with Jerome Trask. Trask always made her feel less than.

When she was a kid, Bree joked about it, and Mick never thought she was seriously bothered by being considered a geek.

Apparently, Bree had a crush on Luke in school, and he didn't know she existed. He thinks enough about her to be embarrassed that he works at the convenience store.

He's going to look into the job at The Bridge. When he quotes Robert Frost to Bree, she says "Cool," like she'sstill in high school. When she turns her back, Luke takes clothes out of the donation bin.

Diedre left an antique diamond bracelet for Jess, which Jess considers a pretty good bribe.

Bree finally meets with Jerone, and he loved her book and her play. He recalls that she didn't like him in school, and he's forgiven her. That throws her for a loop. She was so smart and stuff, out of his league, and she gets all flustered.

She needs to know why he didn't pick her for the debate team. Because he knew she was better than him. He admits he wasn't very likable in high school.

More memories of the O'Briens at The Bridge, saying goodbye to Trace.

Mick and Abby share a moment in which he suggests he wasn't there for Abby growing up any more than he was for Bree. He pushed her a little too hard.

Jess continues dodging the prenup.

Clean the beach day finds Abby thanking Jay for being such a good friend.

At dinner the next day, Bree reveals how her meeting with Jerome went, and she wonders what else she got wrong in high school.

Jess finally tells David about the prenup. But he already burned it. But David says the bracelet is real.

When Abby was six years old, she told Mick they would be would be partner and had business cards made up that said Abby and Daddy O'Brien.

Abby is out for a run thinking again about Trace and all the good times they had together.

She runs to the shore, and finds Kevin there. She wonders how long it took him to get over Georgia. A long while.

Of all the things they've said over the years, Abby and Trace have never said goodbye. He wants to find whatever is missing in him. He knows that he tried to find it in them and in his music, and now it's time to find it in himself.


Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Bree: You remember Jerome Trask?
Mick: You always remember people who weren't nice to your kids.

Abby: Well, have you tried asking Siri or Alexa or Google?
Jess: I was hoping a human would help me.
Abby: Ah, you're so old school.