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Little Mick has been born, and while the family gathers, Mick and Megan share their happy news of engagement.

Bree calls the hospital to find Luke, but he's checked out against doctor's orders.

Megan called the Getty to take time off. They're getting married quickly and will travel the world.

The receptionist notices things between Connor and Margaret are downright frosty. It's because she didn't want him to take the case. She thought she was full partner in the firm, but he ignored her thoughts.

She's very disappointed, and when he promises to respect her wishes in the future, she doesn't believe him. She thought this would be different than a big firm.

Bree is very worried about Luke. He's even disconnected his phone. Mick thinks they should wait to see if they hear from him, and tonight they can discuss further.

Mick shares the news of his retirement. The firm is all hers.

Mandrake pops by to say goodbye to Abby. He's going home, but he doesn't know where that is. Abby decides to extend an offer to him to be her right hand at O'Brien construction. He'll give the offer serious thought.

Evan finds Abby by the water and asks her to talk.

Evan is wary of John Osterberg because his mother had terrible taste in men. The last one was the worst. He hit her right in front of Evan, and then when he tried to stop him, the guy hit Evan, too.

That was her last straw, and they drove all night until...

Evan will talk to John because he owes his mother that. Then he wonders if he has his father's eyes.

They meet, and Evan apologizes. John thinks kayaking looks like fun. he likes to do thinks once a week that he's never done before, which seems a lot like Evan. John has thought of Evan's mother all his life. He's never had kids, although his wife and he tried. She died three years ago, and now he's wondering about the world not taken.

Margaret has found a way to win the case and visits Connor in the middle of the night. Dennis's friend, Byron, the one I suspected by who portrayed him alone, was the guy framing David's dad.

Connor and Margaret survived their first fight, equally matched. Let the battle begin.

David is thrilled. His first stop is to thank Jess for picking up the slack and starting a new business. She supported him all the way.

She's been thinking about them starting a family of their own. It used to scare her, but now, she thinks she'd be good mom and would ike to try. She will need a lot of drugs for the delivery, though.

The thing is, she's already pregnant.

Kevin is going to Johns Hopkins to check it out. He was accepted years ago, but he chose not to go, and now he's worried they'll hold it against him. Sarah thinks they don't need Johns Hopkins if they do.

Megan and Mick are getting married tomorrow.

Mick is feeling good. Retirement, marriage, sobriety. It's a whole new adventure.

Kevin is applying to Johns Hopkins and the University of Pittsburgh.

Bad things are happening. The harpist broke her finger, and the preacher broke down on the way. Kevin heads off to get him, while Megan worries about her something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

Megan heads home to find something old and runs face first into Mick.

Mick has something old. It's Megan's old wedding ring, which she gave back to him after the divorce. He never knew why he saved it until now.

Bree arrives home to Luke waiting for her on her porch. He apologizes for skipping off. He's come to say goodbye. He's leaving.

It's time. All the girls are crying in their dresses.

As the festivities begin, Luke arrives in the background.

Megan and Mick's vows are so sweet. When they kiss, everyone titters with happiness.

Luke tells Bree that she means everything to him, and when things are too good, wonderful, he doesn't trust them. But she makes him want to trust that they won't go wrong. She makes him want to trust trust.

He won't promise it will be easy, but he wants to try to make them work. They feel connected.

Evan is driving and getting the hang of it. He takes her to a house. It's his. This house is the new him. He's making some changes with his goals and how he lives.

He wants to learn to just be without jumping from one thing to another. He's playing jazz, which he hates, but she loves. He considered getting Herbie Hancock to accompany him, but he held back. He proposes, and Abby happily accepts.

After the wedding, Bree says a few words. Now is all they have, so let's enjoy it a bit.

Connor is next. The year has been quite challenging, but with their help and Margaret's, they can get through any crisis as long as they're together.

Kevin just says cheers. Always the joker.

Abby says you never know what's around the corner, and just when you think you have everything figured out, something incredible comes along and shows you another path. She shows off her engagement ring.

Evan thanks the family for welcoming them to this amazing family. Mick says there are forms to fill out.

Kevin challenges Jess to top that. All she could think of during the ceremony was that things come back to where they're meant to be. Oh, and she's pregnant!


Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 10 Quotes

Evan: I understand you offered Mandrake a job.
Abby: He was available. So you talked to Mandrake.
Evan: I did.
Abby: Did you unfire him?
Evan: I tried to. He's weighing his options.

Little Mick is perfect, and he has a perfect name.