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Sarah and Kevin are getting an ultrasound. They don't want to know the baby's sex, but when Sarah says don't look, Kevin looks, and a smile creeps over his face.

Evan was in Iceland and surprises Abby. Adventure's in his blood, but lately, his blood has enjoyed staying home.

Abby and Evan tease about love, and then it gets awkward very quick.

Mick is asking Megan to move in with them, and he asks Abby what she thinks. She wonders if it's a good idea given his recovery. She ultimately gives her blessing.

The bank turned down Jess's idea for the vineyard, but she's still optimistic.

David watches video of his dad in cuffs. The Peck name is dragging them though the mud. Jess just wants to get on with their lives.

Luke doesn't like a good danish but he does believe in soulmates, and Bree just likes that they don't need to agree on everything.

Bree's birthday is on Friday. And it's Luke's birthday on Friday, too. Neither of them really like birthdays. Just another day, they both decide.

While they're restocking the pantry, David gets a call from Dennis's court-appointed attorney. He says no thank you and hangs up. Jess is worried about how David is handling things.

Dennis used to use David when he was a kid to try to win over David's mom when his parents were arguing. It really flusters David, and Jess wants him to visit his dad in the penitentary so that he can get some kind of closure.

Kevin is worried that he'll have to keep the secret of the baby's gender a secret for a month until the baby is born. Bree isn't so sure he can do it. Then she tries to guess to see if she can sway him.

Bree is worried that Luke didn't take what they said seriously and hopes Kevin can tell him really don't get her a gift.

Dinner at Giovannis is going great. But then he flubs the landing about moving in together.

Kevin's chat with Luke doesn't go as planned. In fact, now he's more confused because sometimes, when someone says they really don't want a present and keep pushing it, they really do want a present.

Jess talks to Mick about her investment plan. He encourages her to keep trying. She also offers her two cents on asking Megan to move in. She encourages him to try again.

David visits Dennis. David still can't stand that his dad is denying everything. Dennis gives David a name to discuss, and then gives David an address and a safe combination.

Kevin and Mick are talking about things, and Kevin reveals the secret. Mick is so excited and plans to spoil the kid rotten.

Kevin and Sarah are talking baby stuff, and the gender reveal is front and center. It's getting more difficult for him to keep the secret. She seems like she might know.

Mick has made a pergola/gazebo with a firepit for them to sit and stare at the water. He reframes his question before she leans into the paint with her butt. She just needs a little more time to think about it.

There's all kinds of stuff on the usb drive that Kevin got from his dad's apartment, but he now believes Dennis was framed.

Kerry is going to alert the homestead about her DNA results. And then Evan brings up the love thing. He wonders if she said it because she loves him or because she thinks he loves her. On the count of three, they say it out loud. He says I love you, and she says you love me. Then she says it. It scares her how much she loves him. It's scary, and they love each other.

It's just another day, Bree and Luke say to each other on Friday. Now she expects a gift and says it's OK if he got her something. He did think that, but then he changed his mind. She got her a terrarium for her cacti. Then he reveals that he didn't get her anything, and she's made an ass of herself again.

He orders a cake that says Happy Birthday to Luke and Not to Bree.

Kevin finally admits his secret.

Everyone says hey and then Luke and Bree get a song. Happy Ordinary Day to youuuuu.

There is even a pinata.

Kevin and Sarah arrive with their big news!

And the ancestry will now be revealed. Greek, Welsh, and Irish. She has 306 neandertal variants, which is more than 96% of other customers.

Megan sends Mick to get her jacket so they can sit in their pergabo. Her suitcases are in the room.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

I guess we're the same sign. Born on the same day. And hey, maybe we are soulmates.


Evan: It's weird. I know we kind of just started dating, but I feel like I've known you forever.
Abby: Awww. It kinda sounds like you love me.