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Evan meets his father, with Abby warmly inviting him out to the patio.

John offers his hand to Evan, who decides to spurn the advance. Abby, in the meantime, asks him some questions. He was a pediatric surgeon who just retired to Sarasota.

The drive from Florida gave John time to wrap his head around the fact that he had a son. This surprises Abby, who assumed he would have known. Even must have too, and he's taken flight.

Mick has purchased a ring for Megan, which he shows to his sponsor. When Mick says he knows that this is the right thing to do, Ralph just reminds him that he should pay attention to what the world is telling him. His life may be complicated enough without bringing somebody into it.

David is planting geraniums upside down when Jess asks if he's OK. David is wondering what will happen to his dad. She reminds him not to get so caught up in worry that he thinks that he's alone because he's not.

Miranda interrupts and gets a little personal, offering advice that David isn't interested in hearing. She says what you focus on grows, so he should focus less on his garden and more on his relationships.

Bree arrives to discover Miranda has rented the whole inn for a week.

Jess wants to go on an old-fashioned date sans phones, internet, and everything. A boat to one of the islands. They're so jazzed.

Bree will only give Miranda her book if she writes the screenplay all on her lonesome. Miranda thinks that it's a lot harder than Bree thinks, but Bree is adamant. Miranda agrees.

Margaret and Connor are doing pros and cons of representing Dennis, and the only pro is also in the cons -- the defendant is related to a member of Connor's family.

Margaret says they cannot win, but Connor says, what if they do.

Abby asks John if he remembers Evan's mother. He says she's not the kind of woman who you forget. He had to start his residency in New Orleans, but life happened, and he just didn't.

Evan overhears the end of the conversation but isn't happy that John just never called or checked up on her, only turning up when he discovered he had a rich son. John had no idea who he was. Evan has words with Mandrake and storms out again.

Mick tells Bree about his intentions to propose to Megan. Bree says she will win the family poll. They get a call from the state police. It's about Luke. He's in the hospital in Frederick County. He's been shot.

Kevin has charted out their lives with children, including how much it will cost to educate them with their current and future salaries.

Sarah isn't interested, and pushes him away when he considers long-term disability insurance and living wills.

Jess runs into Caitlyn's friend and then Caitlyn, who's crying. She's got blue hair, which she did on account of Sloane. Sloane says it's dumb, and Jess wonders since when she cares what Sloane thinks.

Luke's parole officer visits to blame him for being outside of his parole jurisdication. But he says he'll let the infraction slide since Luke did a good thing.

Bree and Mick arrive on the PO's heels. He might have to take a few days off of work. Bree brought him a cactus. She makes him laugh when she says she also considered a balloon.

Luke says he's just Mr. Lucky. He got shot and almost sent back to prison. Bree should find someone better. Bree would take the kind of luck he has any day.

John is staying at the Chesapeake Inn if Evan would like to drop by, and since he likes the area, he'll stick around a few days.

Evan isn't answering his phone, even for Abby. She thinks that Evan should talk with John or her, at least.

Jess arrives with news of crying Caitlyn with the blue hair. Moments later, she gets a call from Caitlyn's school. She's been suspended for fighting.

Sloane's parents are also there. The girls were involved in an "altercation." Caitlyn was hitting Sloane, and it took several people to pull Caitlyn off of Sloane. Sloane's parents are weird, woke, and annoying. The girls make up at the principal's request.

David and Jess find themselves on a rocky beach. They are not having the relaxing time they expected. David is happiest when it's just him and Jess against the world. They rekindle their romance, appreciating each other away from the world.

Abby prepares for her conversation with Caitlyn. Sloane bullies Caitlyn, talking Caitlyn into dying her hair. Sloane told Caitlyn she could never be friends with a geek like her, which is what started the fight.

Megan helps color Caitlyn's hair back to brown. Abby tells her that sometimes you have people in your life who don't belong there. They're toxic, Caitlyn says, a term she learned from Sloane.

Mick finds Evan at the bar of the restaurant where he'll be proposing to Megan. He doesn't leave without mentioning Evan's father. Mick offers to drive Evan home.

Miranda wonders if Bree has any other sisters, but Bree says they're all taken.

Miranda got an offer to play the villain in a new Marvel movie, and even though she hates Marvel movies, she's going to take it. She'll have to put All of Our Yesterdays on the back burner. Bree wonders if that means she'll never revisit it. Miranda says she should continue writing the script on spec and work her way into it.

Evan fired Mandrake. Abby is shocked. She's even more concerned when she learns that Evan has moods, which he calls hibernations. Mandrake tries to blame himself. He could never be angry with Evan because of how much Evan has done for him.

The two met when Mandrake pulled Evan from a burning building. After Iraq, Mandrake was living under an overpass in a tent. Evan called him Mandrake the Magician because of how he pulled him away from the fire.

Abby still thinks it's ridiculous. He can't ghost Mandrake or ghost Abby. Who does he think he is? That's the problem.

Connor decides to take his father's case, but he sees two problems. It's going to be expensive, and Margaret is going to kill him when she finds out.

Mick has hidden the ring in the creme brulee. But there's nothing in there. So much has gone wrong today, and Mick feels like the universe is trying to tell him something. Just then, a woman shouts... ow, my tooth!

Before Mick gets to officially ask Megan, they get the call about the baby. Megan says yes without the question. And the baby is coming right now. They pull over to get 'er done.


Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 9 Quotes

Evan: What were you thinking?
Mandrake: I did what I thought was best for you, sir.
Evan: You always think you know what's best for me, don't you? Well, this time, you were wrong, Allen.

Oh, I'm so sorry. Are we worried about the guy who abandoned my pregnant mother and left her to raise a child on her own?