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Kerry is doing a genetic test for a class.

Bree has been cleaning her house, and she found a sweater she borrowed from Abby.

Mick and Megan are meeting for a weekend in Colorado with tickets to a Red Rocks event.

The O'Brien sisters are planning a spa day and consider asking Sarah to join them, but Bree doesn't think she seems like a spa person.

Mick is still pushing back at the idea of meeting. Ralph checks in with Mick, wondering how his sponsor search is going. Mick wants to do it alone and gets a chiding.

Jess is hoping to go into the winemaking business and shares her presentation with Abby. They still haven't heard from David's father. Abby is very proud of Jess's business accumen. She's holding the business together by herself.

Bree and Mick are sharing lunch. Mick helped Luke find a place to live. There is a little apartment above The Bridge.

Bree said that Luke hasn't exactly reached out, and Mick wonders why she hasn't reached out herself. She even gives him a housewarming gift, which Mick suggests she give to him herself.

Margaret is waiting for the bar results. The results are she does not appear on the fail list this quarter. She's like, why use a double negative like that?

David gets an international call from his father. David isn't exactly happy to hear from them. All dad does is say he's sorry. David says people assume he's guilty because he did it. Dad says he's the victim.

Dad says he was framed by somebody on the inside, somebody they know. He asks David not to give up on him.

Jess finds David a mess in the garden. He's going to call the FBI agent. But he's still his dad, so he's not sure what to do. Jess will support him either way.

Bree decides to deliver her housewarming gift in person. He tries to understand. She says that feeling this strongly about someone is terrifying, and she's sorry she's going to mess it up that she messes it up before she can mess it up.

She wants him to say he understands and lets it go, and they move on, but she'll have to let go and trust. They both promise to do it.

Mick is on the phone, shoring up his plans with Megan when Abby checks in. She wants him to visit AA meetings in Denver, too. He says he's got this.

Bree gets a message from her agent. An oscar winning actress wants to buy the rights to her book, but Bree isn't too sure. It's always weird when someone else takes control of your work.

He wonders if maybe she's afraid of success. She doesn't want to shake things up with her family again, either. Luke knows her very well, and she isn't sure how to take that.

Megan has a sinus infection and can't fly. Abby is worried that the setback will set him back. He doesn't take that well.

The FBI agent arrives at the Inn. David tells her what his dad told him, and she's snotty about it, as usual. She wants to put a tap on David's phone. he wonders if she's asking for permission to do that. Do I have to, she asks.

Margaret is getting tons of action from law recruiters. Connor can't believe she's not even looking at what they're offering. He wants her to explore her options so that down the road, she doesn't have any regrets.

The girls arrive for their spa day. Everyone has their eyes on something different.

Mick is having coffee at The Bridge. He admits to Luke that everything makes him think about using and wonders how Luke can handle working in a bar.

Mick asks Luke to be his sponsor. It's not advised for friends to sponsor one another. But Luke is a little concerned when Mick says from here on, his recovery is all on him.

When the wine girl comes to the spa room, Abby saves Sarah with a recommendation of green juice.

Abby gets a call from the school nurse. Kaitlyn has been visiting her a lot, concerning the nurse. She worries that she's avoiding something. No doubt, she's going to be trans.

Sarah thanks Abby and says she really wants to talk about it. But she's scared. Abby says to choose joy.

Mick visits Connor to help him build something. Connor is a lot less excited about Margaret's opportunities than he's let on to Margaret. Then Mick uses the bathroom to wash his hands. Should we guess that Connor has pain meds in there?

Abby brought a gold face mask for Kaitlyn to do together later. Kaitlyn wants to give them to Kerry. Abby asks if she'd like to talk, but Kaitlyn says no.

Kaitlyn doesn't want a talk to turn into a thing. She says it's nothing serious, just whatever. Jess says that it only gets better from here because everything after middle school is an improvement.

Mick wants to speak at his last meeting. Yep, there were pills in Connor's bathroom. He was looking for pills, and he found them. He wanted to slip, but he didn't. He wonders when it stops. Is it always with you?

The FBI installed the tap on David's phone. David wonders what if, on the off-chance, his dad is innocent. Jess tries to understand. Jess is happy to return the favor of making him feel less crazy.

Ralph corners Mick at the meeting. He didn't finish the story. He took the pill, didn't he? Mick did. He just swallowed the pill without thinking about it. He finally realizes that he's powerless in the face of his addiction. He doesn't need to be clean to come to the meeting. All he needs is to want to stop using.

Margaret checks in with Connor. They have special partner tracks and mentorship. She turned it down. She doesn't want the big firm. She wants what has with Connor. She wants to start something from the ground up.

She wants to raise Connor's offer by making her an equity partner. He's thrilled.

Mick is reading through the steps trying to understand them. Ralph, now his new sponsor, wants him to slow down and focus on the steps and make them before worrying about the others.

Bree asks the family for their permission to make All Their Yesterdays into a movie. Mick's one condition is that Harrison Ford plays him. Jess wants Hillary Duff. Abby wants Kristen Stewart, and Kevin can't decide between Chris Pratt or Chris Pine. Sarah says no, it's gotta be Luke Wilson. Connor wants Dwayne Johnson with a wig.

Abby's banking friend says she would give Jess's plan the green light if she saw it. Jess tells Abby about taking to Kaitlyn, and Abby asks that she keep talking with her.

Sarah and Kevin tell the family they're pregnant again, choosing joy over fear.

David gets another call from his dad. He owes David an explanation. Dad is trying to apologize to David. He wants to give himself up. He wants to come home.

Chesapeake Shores
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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

Mick: Or you could just tell him you miss him.
Bree: It's hard. You talk to someone every day, and then, poof, they're gone.
Mick: I know the feeling. How long's it been since you two talked?
Bree: Like a week and change?
Mick: You're gonna need a bigger cactus.

If your business plan is half as good as the salt air on the pinot noir grapes, I would fund you.