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The family is at the hospital awaiting news on Connor.

David is talking with his dad with his mom, and Jess wants to comfort him, so she's not picking up the phone.

Margaret is quite upset, but the family embraces her.

Connor is in surgery. He did have a heart attack.

Once Jess at the hospital, Bree can't help but gossip with her about Abby's phone call to the unknown fella about wanting to give it a try.

Mick tells Megan that he doesn't want to not trust her, but she's not in the mood for that discussion.

Jay arrives to be with Abby.

Connor suffered a severe heart attack, and they found deep vein thrombosis in his leg and clots in his lungs. He's stabilized, but he may need more surgery. The doctor doesn't want to give false hope, but he's ready to see family, two visitors at a time.

Connor is smiling. He's alive happy for the news.

Evan arrives after hearing about Connor. Now Bree and Jess are really confused.

Bree sneaks Margaret in to see Connor.

Kevin checks in with Sarah, and Mandrake chats with him, sharing war memories.

Connor wonders if it's weird for her to be a part of this since she didn't sign up for it. She says she'd kiss him again if she thought she could handle it.

Evan and Jay say their goodbyes to Abby. On the phone on the way home, Evan discovers he has 35 phone messages. One of which is from Abby.

David's dad is in the news. He's so worried about his mom, and Jess is worried about him.

Megan won't be taking the job at the Getty. Connor needs her, and he won't leave him this time.

Megan isn't ready to forgive Mick yet, but he's glad she's here.

They decide on Felix before Mandrake says they should ask around to see who the cat belongs to.

Evan is feeling a predicament regarding Abby. She probably wonders why he didn't say anything.

Bree and Abby determine that ever day is a gift and other things are pretty insignificant. Bree just wants to know who Abby called, and Abby finally admits it was Evan.

Given what happened at the hospital, she thinks she's got her answer. He's trying out text responses and how long to wait to talk to her in person, landing on a couple days to ensure Connor is alright before doing so.

Luke says his parole officer will be harder on him than ever, using a Les Miserables reference, impressing Bree. He was reading the classics instead of staring at the walls.

Mick sees them together and doesn't look happy about it.

David talked to his sister, and they're all upset, worried dad will take them down with him.

Jess assures David he's not alone in this, and he tearfully says he needed to hear that.

By the time Evan talks with Abby, she's pulling back. He tells her what happened, and they discuss their "charming" miscommunication, which she says is just annoying in real life.

Evan wants to make it two dates. The first on their date behavior and the second just being themselves. Somehow, they treat it like a business proposition and both walk away happy.

Luke likes where things are going with Bree, and she agrees.

Abby walks in on Mick, and he hides his painkillers. Mick asks her about Bree and Luke.

Connor is home, and he's welcomed joyfully.

The FBI visits with David asking about his dad. He takes offense that she seems to think that he's shielding his father. She's rude.

When Jess asks about the woman, David says it's nothing.

Connor breaks the news to Margaret that he needs to close down the office, but she's not ready to give in. She's taking the bar this month and is willing to shoulder the burden while he heals.

Mick confronts Luke, assuring Luke that if he ever hurts Bree, he will make him very, very sorry.

Mick offers Luke the job as manager of The Bridge. Luke's so grateful. The O'Briens have changed his life.

Bree tells Mick she can take care of herself, but thank you. He wonders why she didn't tell him that she's seeing Luke. He wonders why she's not ready to share it with the world. It could be since he went to prison, she admits, and thinks about it.

Abby, Bree, and Jess are eating ice cream, sharing with each other what they're experiencing now.

Jess starts, admitting she's not sure that she's up for comforting David the same way he always does her. Bree hasn't written anything in a while, but this morning, a short story popped into her brain. It's still ruminating.

Before Abby spills, Mandrake calls. He's asking if now is a good time for a date and directs Abby to look outside. There's a yacht, and Evan is outside in a suit. Abby changes out of her sweats and joins him for a romantic dinner on the yacht.

Abby learns that Evan does all of his own cooking, including the best lobster Abby has ever had. They dance.

Before they kiss, Evan directs her to dessert, a flourless chocolate cake. Then he realizes they almost kissed. He doesn't want to rush this. He throws himself into things without thinking them through, like buying the yacht today. His impulsiveness tends to destroy his romantic relationships. They won't kiss tonight.

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Chesapeake Shores Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Any day above ground is a good day. That's what my father used to say.


Bree: Hm. She called Jay.
Jess: Really? I was team Evan all the way.