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Dawson notices Rebecca Jones cheating on one of the academy tests, and Casey tells Chief Boden everything is good with him. The man that Shay saw kill himself bequeathed everything to her in his death. Shay visits the house, running into his brother, who wants his assets.
Casey tells Severide he checks out but can’t remember the two days leading up to the action. Otis asks Severide permission to ask Katie out on a date. After a call, Rafferty and Shay drop their patient off. A friend of Shay’s tells her Rafferty’s fiance died a few months earlier in their hospital while she was a resident.
Dawson and Casey go out to dinner, and when a guy looks over at Casey wrong he gets up in his face. The next morning, Dawson tells him if they’re going to work he needs to be honest with her. Back at the academy, Jones and Dawson get used to their equipment and run through the a training exercise. Dawson’s helmet gets trapped on a wire, and Jones helps her get her mask back on and through the tower.
Chicago Fire
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