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Katie confides in Kelly about the opportunity to help her boss open a new restaurant in New York. She tells him it’s a permanent job, and wonders if she takes will she be like Benny. Shay, with her recent influx of cash into Molly’s, becomes a fourth partner in Molly’s.
While out on a call the power grid goes out. Boden invites those affected to come to 51 for warm food and heat. Casey has some memory lapses in front of Severide, and finds out Casey still has not told Dawson. A man attacks another man and is thrown out of the Firehouse by Kelly.
Dawson asks Kelly how Casey is doing. Kelly tells her that his memory off. Lindsay from CPD makes a housecall telling Boden, Casey, and Severide that the man he threw out is looking to kill a fireman, and to be vigilant and call her if anything starts to happen. 
While getting groceries from a friend of Cruz’s, Clarke fights off looters and helps the owner with a stab wound. The looters come back with more men and more guns, but the CPD shows up and disperses them. Erin comes back to the firehouse with a picture of the man who is going to attack Kelly. Casey notices the man and tackles him, but not before getting hit on the head again.
The episode ends with Katie being kidnapped and Casey finding blood in his ear.
Chicago Fire
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