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Kelly continues to wonder where Katie is; Casey goes to the doctor who tells him that his skull and brain are severely compromised, all normal at this stage, but they could be for the rest of his life. Dawson is still falling behind in physical portion of the academy, and Jones wonders what's up. Dawson tells her that she might be riding her Daddy's coattails in, but Dawson won't rat her out either. 

Boden and Donna have dinner plans to meet her friends. Dawson notices Jones talking with her father. Kelly follows the trail of gang members to find Katie, who is battered and bruised. Erin, from CPD, talks to her along, and nonverbally tells Kelly she's been raped. Boden reveals to Donna that he's been married twice before. 

Otis goes to visit Katie. Rafferty gets a complaint after helping a religious man. Dawson hurts her foot and doesn't make the seven minute time after helping Jones when her hoses gets caught. Dawson meets Jones' father, who's a real jerk, and she tells him that's why she's cheating. She can't let him win. Boden decides to end it with Donna since he's good at the beginning stages of relationships. 

Rafferty informs Shay that she's gotten a four month suspension and recommended Dawson replace her. Erin brings Kelly on a ride along to catch the creep that raped Katie. Katie decides she needs some time away from everything since she still has visions of everything that happened, so she's moving to Colorado. 

Dawson decides to retake the test. Hermann passes his Lieutenant test. Casey finally tells Dawson the truth. Erin tells Kelly that they're letting the man go because he has ties to someone higher up the food chain, and Jones introduces herself to Casey as his new candidate.

Chicago Fire
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