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Shay wonders if Kelly will call Erin back. Dawson wants Casey to do something about Jones' father. Mills warns Jones not to start a relationship with anyone in the house. Mouch wants some help from Shay regarding his love life since his girlfriend broke up with him. 

Jones has a hard time with their first call seeing a man lie on top of his children and die for them. Mills tries to give her advice. Ramsey's creepiness with Dawson escalates when he calls her personal phone. Dawson files a complaint, but since no threats were filed Boden's hands are tied. He can only give a warning. Jones asks if she wants her Dad to do anything. 

The wife of the dead husband files a wrongful death lawsuit with the fire department. Kelly befriends a former firefighter on the job. Shay recommends Mouch join an older dating website, and he's annoyed that Shay thinks he's that old. Ramsey confronts Dawson outside of the firehouse. Ramsey says he's sorry he did what he did, Dawson just reminds him of an old friend. He tells Dawson he was fired. 

The team goes to a deposition about the wrongful death, and after testimony from Casey the charges are dropped. Back at Molly's, Boden and Casey talk about what to do with Jones deciding to keep her on. Dawson tells Jones that her father is trying to get her DQ'd. Jones runs away. Mills runs after her and she tries to kiss him. 

Chicago Fire
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