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Casey goes to a strip club. He asks to see someone named Jack.

Dawson wants to go on a night out on the town and invites Brett and Cruz.

Emmett shows up at the station. Turns out his has half sister is Mouch's kid.  Emmett warns that Mouch will never meet her because he never showed up.

Severide tries to put a good word in for Scott with Boden, but Boden cuts him off and says he will think about it.

At the crime scene, Mills tries to help Severide, but he brushes him off and asks someone else for help.

The team at Firehouse 51 are speaking about Scott possibly taking the spot. Mills is annoyed. Boden offers Scott a trial shift. Mills asks Boden for the spot.

Brett invites Cruz out, but he says he's rather drink at Molly's and go watch the black hawks game.

Mouch is stressing out about having a child.

Scott is introduced to everyone at the firehouse. He gets on with everyone like a house on fire.

Brett and Dawson are looking for somewhere to go out. Otis tries to help them, but fails.

Mouch tries to get Emmett's number to reach out, but he is denied the number.

Mills and Brett are called out to a theatre in which a man is about to fall.

Severide runs into April, an old friend. He tries to get her to go out, but she says no.

Casey questions Severide about Scott and what he did in the past.

Mills tries to get Severide to take him on the squad, but Severide says no.

Mouch shows up at Emmett's work place. Emmett doesn't want to give him a minute. Emmett agrees to let him see his sister.

Severide looks at an old year book.

Brett confides in Dawson that she doesn't want her lifestyle with Cruz.

Platt goes with Mouch to meet his daughter. Platt gets ready to leave.

Dawson is hungover in work.

Severide tries to do some damage control with Mills.

Severide goes back to see April. April says her parents still ask about him.

The team are called out when a man swallows a key.  He isn't breathing.

Otis tells Boden about Scott throwing someone through a window, but is shocked to find out that it was after his wife died.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

You ladies looking for some hot spots, cause I'm your resource.


Scott: Hey Kelly.
Severide: Scott.
Scott: I'm ready.
Severide: What?
Scott: You said to tell you when I'm ready and I'm ready.