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Scott and Severide are getting breakfast and April shows up and is shocked to see Severide there.

Dawson realizes that Brett is avoiding Cruz.

Mills is speaking to his sister about their father.

The team are called out to a neighborhood close to where Herrmann grew up.

The team are shocked to find out that a kid is still inside. Dawson tells Hermann they must go, but Herrmann goes further inside the building when he hears the child screaming.

Dawson leaves the building and Boden asks where Herrmann is. Dawson is shocked and says he was behind her.

Herrmann appears at an upstairs window and hands the kid out to Severide.

Brett and Mills are trying to save the boy. They need to take him to Chicago Med.

Herrmann calms the father down.

The boy is on a ventilator, but the doctors are optimistic he will pull through. Cruz tries to embrace Brett, but she pulls away.

Casey realizes that Herrmann didn't follow orders.

Burgess and Roman show up to question Casey and Herrmann about the fire. People think that the boys father was the one who set the fire.

Casey and Herrmann are shown a video of the father blowing drugs into the boys face.

Herrmann goes to see an old neighbor to get information about Ed. Herrmann lies that he had no luck with the neighbor.

The team are called to a warehouse in which a car slid into her and crushed her against a pillar.

Dawson tries to pry the girl free, but a fuel line goes on fire, but is quickly extinguished.

Casey tells the team to stay close to Herrmann.

Scott asks Severide if he wants to go see submarines with him and his son, but Severide says no and goes to meet April. They speak about the past and Severide comes clean about why he shut her out. His dad had an affair.

Herrmann catches the father and calls for Burgess and Roman.

The fire was caused by a crack pipe.

Brett gets ready to dump cruise, but he asks her to do a toast. Cruz shocks Brett by dumping her instead.

Otis tells Casey he thinks he is in love with Brett.

Boden tells Herrmann that the kid he saved has developed a blood clot and is in emergency surgery. The child died during surgery.

Mills got the all clear from his doctor.

Chicago Fire
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