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Casey is trying to climb up and save two people from the warehouse fire, but the second floor blows up. They continue on.

Halstead is making coffee when is greeted by a girl. Will's bit on the side.

Will speaks to Hannah.

April tries to get the attention of everyone, but it takes Severide butting in to get it. A man climbs up on a seat with a grenade. Severide knocks him down and it goes off.

Casey wakes up and Will talks to him.

Severide is hurt badly, Will wants to leave him, but Mills said no.

Ruzek and Halstead show up to find out who was behind the attack.

Hannah tries to help Severide, but it's not looking good. He sees Shay.

He stabilizes. April tries to comfort a kid.

Casey notices something from the air vent. A fire in the next part of the hospital.

The firefighters try tackle an electrical fire.

Dawson is going through a patients phone.

Dawson questions Casey about Severide, but he just shakes his head and walks off.

A patient argues with Casey, before trying to attack him. April manages to sedate him.

It is revealed that it is Marburg virus. Herrmann looks at his family pictures.

Hannah manages to get the shrapnel from Severide, but an artery bursts. They get him stable again.

It is revealed that the virus is not contagious.

Dawson looks at Casey in Mollys. They smile. They sleep together.

Severide wakes up. Apris is at his side.


Chicago Fire
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