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Mills and Brett are kidnapped at gun point from the scene. In the car Mills attacks the gunmen and crashes the car. The roof is taken clean off leaving everyone insides fate uncertain.

Station 51 and Chicago PD attempt to locate the missing EMT's, but it is Dawson that manages to locate them.

They are in a warehouse and one of the gunmen has a lump on his throat. They agree a deal that if he is saved, Mills and Brett would be set free. Brett pushes Mills to kill him on the table, but he refuses.

When they escape it becomes apparent it was Anthony Lulu who put the hit out and Brett takes matters into her own hands when she contacts the crook she saved from the chopper crash and asks him to help.

Anthony is arrested for the crime.

Dawson moves out of her apartment with Casey and in with Brett.

Boden's baby is stable, but may have severe damage because of the lack of oxygen to the brain.

The team are called out to a fire, but it becomes apparent it is an arsonists lair and they find a news paper report about Shay's death, leaving everyone looking on in horror.

Chicago Fire
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