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Newhouse shows up for work with visible wounds from his altercation with the man outside his home. Both Mills and Herrmann notice and ask him about it, but he is able to evade them for now.

Cruz and Molly's II is still having a hard time building their menu.

Severide returns from Vegas with the shocking news that he got married. Everyone initially thinks he's joking, but he's serious. Her name is Brittany Baker and she's a graphic artist from Tallahassee.

Dawson jokingly tells Brett that could've been her had she went to Vegas with Severide, while Casey informs Severide he is still welcome to stay with him and Dawson, new bride and all.

The team is called to the scene of an overturned car. They are able to rescue the woman trapped in the car.

Mouch tries to give Severide advice about his quickie marriage. Otis is running a pool on how long Severide's marriage is going to last, and everyone seems to have an opinion. Boden and Herrmann are worried about what this means for Severide, but they soon realize the only person that could talk to him when he's like this was Shay.

Brett laments to Mills how out of shape she feels lately, and realizes that's all she used to do in her "old life," work out and put dinner on the table for Harrison. 

Brett and Mills are called to the scene of a two car accident. When the driver of the one car realizes the police will soon be on the scene he ingests a large amount of crack and starts seizing. Brett saves the victim and is rewarded with him throwing up all over her.

Newhouse asks Mills to help him out on another "stand by the car" job. Newhouse still won't offer any more details, but Mills agrees to help him out.

Brittany shows up at the station and runs into Dawson and Brett. She realizes who Dawson is and introduces herself. Severide introduces her to the rest of the squad. Everyone seems to like her, even Pouch!

Severide thanks Casey and Dawson (who didn't know) for letting him and Brittany stay with them. Dawson doesn't like the idea, but Casey is determined to stand by Severide's side through all this. 

Dawson questions Severide and asks if he's really ok, especially since Shay died. He just wants her to be happy that he's happy. He says that instead of questioning why he got married so quickly, that maybe Dawson should ask herself why she's really putting off her marriage to Casey.

Mills accompanies Newhouse to the job and he notices that Newhouse puts a tracker on the guy's truck.

Severide and Brittany decide that they should have a small, family reception once they get their own place. 

Brett goes to a Zumba class and the instructor enters, and it's Cruz! He is embarrassed and wants her to leave. They make a deal that she can take his "top-rated" class, and in exchange, she'll teach him how to cook.

Casey and Dawson are eating dinner when Severide and Brittany arrive home. Dawson tells Casey that she's realized she likes Brittany because after all, Severide is happy. They both agree that if they could, they'd fly out to Vegas and get married for themselves.

Mills confronts Newhouse after his "misunderstanding" strikes again outside the station house, and throws a brick and the tracker, through the window of Newhouse's car. Newhouse finally admits that he's doing all this for extra money to not let his daughter down. Mills tells him he better end this now.

The squads are called to a house fire. The victim that Severide is rescuing is clutching a box containing pictures that look to be of child pornography. Sergeant Hank Voight and Detective Erin Lindsay are called in to investigate.  

Mills goes to Casey for advice about Newhouse.

With help from Brett, Cruz has discovered the perfect Molly's II signature dish. The guys all want Brett to be the new house chef, but Cruz sticks to their earlier deal and dissuades them.

Casey presents Newhouse with money they've all collected for his daughter's trip to D.C.

Severide is consoling a clearly shaken up Brittany and she tells him that he saved her life. He reminds her that they saved each other, as they head off to the celebration their friends have planned.

Detective Lindsay recognizes one of the children in the kiddie porn pictures recovered from the fire. It's a 15 year old boy that turns out is her brother. Lindsay and Voight send the pictures off to Manhattan Special Victims Unit and are headed off to New York to work the case.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Boden: Looks like the trip was good for you.
Severide: Yea. Vegas was great. You know played a little craps, hit the pool, got some sun, and oh yea, I got married.

Cruz: Dominican sausage and peppers!
Dawson: Dude. If you keep calling your food "Dominican" I'm going to have to kick your ass on behalf of an entire country.