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Chief Riddle asks Captain Patterson if he's ready to step up when he plans to change things at 51 and he says yes. 

They get called to a fire and a woman throws her baby down to them from a high window. Casey manages to catch him. Severide rescues the woman. Her brother works for Rush and gives Mouch four free tickets to their concert. 

Boden has a new, young, very pretty neighbor. 

A member of Cruz's brother's old gang comes to the firehouse. He asks Cruz to give Leon a locked box. 

They are called to a major accident involving multiple cars and bikers. The bikers get out of hand and they're forced to fend them off until the police arrive. 

The new neighbor calls Boden to help her after she locks herself out. 

Cruz opens the box and it is full of old baseball cards. 

Patterson tells Boden that he wants to transfer Severide out of Squad 3. Boden refuses. 

Freddie asks Cruz to help get him out of the gang like he did for Leon.

Brett and Chili are called to help a man who's young son accidentally shot him in the face. 

Mouch, Hermann, Casey, and Otis go back stage at the concert and meet the band. The tickets turn out to be behind the stage. The guys except Mouch leaves and Mouch gets moved to the front row. 

A detective arrives to question Boden, saying the neighbor claimed he hit her with a bottle. 

Patterson suspends Severide. 






Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Mouch: My birthday is next month.
Otis: Congratulations?
Mouch: I'm just saying if someone wants to spring for Rush tickets for me.
Otis: How much?
Mouch: Eight hundred on Tix-o-lot.
Otis: I'll just get you a cake.

I'm just saying no one does his best work with cross-hairs on his back.