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Chief Riddle questions whether Dawson is ready to return to 51. Boden stands up for her, but Riddle wants her on modified duty. 

Dawson returns to work and Casey gives her the news. 

The house is called to a fire where a wedding was about to take place. They go in and rescue the wedding party. but the bride's dress is burnt. 

The groom is taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. 

Severide graduated from his leadership class. 

Brett and Dawson ask Boden to host the couple's wedding at the firehouse, but he says no. 

Riddle advises that Dawson take additional leave, but it's not an order, and she declines. 

Boden changes his mind and agrees to have the wedding at the firehouse. 

Brett divides up jobs for the wedding planning. 

Brett and Chili are called to a scene with a woman trapped under a man in a sex act. 

Riddle asks Severide if he'd support the firehouse being used for a private event. He takes Boden's side and Riddle refuses to reinstate him. 

The groom takes a bad turn and Dr. Halstead has to shock his heart. 

The house is called to a school where a bleacher has collapsed, trapping a student. Casey and Severide free him.

The groom survives and the wedding goes off without a hitch. 



Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

I'm not distraught, I'm angry, okay? Are you this worried about male firefighters' emotional condition when they return from medical leave?


All right guys, please stop, you can take the kid gloves off. What happened, happened. I've been cleared for duty, ready to work, and I am happy to knock anyone's teeth out who treats me like a snowflake.