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Boden goes to see a lawyer with Donna, who informs him that if he gets the home invasion charge added on, he could be looking at a thirty year stretch. 

Riddle threatens Boden and tells him to stop investigating, but Boden resists and does some digging, which leads to him getting arrested. Voight shows up in the nick of time and Riddle leaves, annoyed. 

Gabby stands up to Patterson about what's happening to Boden, but Casey has to step in Patterson crosses the line with her. 

Benny shows back up and promises to help Severide get some dirt on Patterson. He emerges victorious and gets secrets about Patterson. 

Ultimately though, Severide decides against using them and he and Patterson bond. 

At the gala, Boden appears and tells someone he knows he is involved in framing him. This leads to the whole of 51 rallying round him and letting him know they are there for him as a family. 

Boden says he doesn't need anyone. He knows they mean well and all, but he can handle himself. 

The team are called out to two emergencies. One is someone who is impaled in a glass window and the other is someone with rope round them.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Otis: So Riddle's hanging Boden out to dry?
Gabby: Maybe we should ask the captain.
Patterson: What's that supposed to mean?
Casey: Gabby.
Gabby: Well your Riddle's guy, right?

Otis: Are you asking me out?
Brett: Uh, yeah. I talked to Cruz and he said it was cool.