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Donna bails Boden out of jail. 

Riddle puts Patterson in charge of 51. 

Patterson tells Cruz that Freddie can't come by the house anymore. Hermann and Otis offer him a job at Molly's.

A bystander harasses Dawson on a call. She loses her cool and it ends up on the news. 

Susie tells Dawson that she's received multiple law suits on credit card bills she doesn't own. They know Maddox is behind it all.

Patterson tells Connie she can't make her ornaments in the firehouse. The guys offer to help her in secret. 

Otis does a background check on Austin and gives it to Brett. 

Dawson visits Boden and tells him that Intelligence will search for Serena on their own time. 

Jimmy and Chili are reprimanded by Patterson. 

Jamie gives Severide a clue, which he passes on to Intelligence, and they find Serena at a hotel. With the evidence stacked against her, she finally comes clean. 

They get called to a scene with a tank of liquid hydrogen that is about to blow. They drive it away from the neighborhood and jump from the truck as it blows. 

Antonio gets Maddox to agree to a plea deal, exonerating Boden. 

Patterson stands up for Boden against Riddle. He informs him that he requested a transfer to another house. 

Boden is back and Severide gets his rank back. 

Hermann insults Freddie as a joke and Freddie stabs him. 


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Hermann: Hey, any word on the Chief?
Mouch: I left him three messages that we were buying.
Hermann: Free drinks are usually catnip to him.

Otis: Job's yours if you want it, Freddie.
Freddie: Yeah?
Hermann: Yeah, I mean you're gonna have to shower a little more often, 'cause we run a really classy joint.