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Dawson has two days to figure out her living situation if she wants Louie. 

Jimmy returns to work and he and Brett get called to a fire. They save a firefighter having a heart attack.

Casey invites Dawson to move back in with him, but she declines. 

Susan invites Casey to go to a three day political summit. 

Dawson finds a place, though it's more than she planned. 

Jimmy cleans out his brother's locker. One of Danny's co-workers tells him Boden made the wrong call. He offers to transfer Jimmy to his house. 

Grant shows up at Molly's and is upset to find out Kidd is with Severide. 

Dawson's new place falls through. 

Herrmann shows Dawson his apartment, but it needs a lot of work. The guys come help fix it up. 

Jimmy confronts Boden about the one minute. Boden tells him he made a choice. 

Otis is back from medical leave. 

Grant overdoses and Brett manages to revive him. Kidd tells him he needs to get clean. 

Casey does well at the summit and Susan asks him to run for state senate.

There's a fire. Dawson and Kidd get trapped. Mouch drops a line and Kidd goes out the window, but the line burns before Dawson can get down. She hangs from the side of the building. Severide comes to get her with the ladder.

Dawson gets approved to foster Louie. 

Susan kisses Casey. She leaves her room number, but he goes to see Dawson.

Kidd and Severide hook up at her place. They don't realize Grant is there holding a knife. 




Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 23 Quotes

Kidd: Grant's been texting me non-stop since I didn't go to his gig.
Severide: He still using?
Kidd: Uh, four minutes ago, "I hope you burn to death slowly." Two minutes ago, "Sorry baby, I love you."

Be honest with yourself Matt I want something that you don't. I'm ready, and you're not. It's not a crime, and it doesn't make you any less of a man.