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Casey and Dawson meet with the political consultant. 

Detective Holloway drops JJ off with Severide again while she testifies. 

Severide and Cruz go into a burning building to rescue a victim. Cruz disconnected from the rope line and nearly got himself and the victim killed, but everyone made it out safely.

Casey receives $10,000 in the mail from Cartman Development. 

Otis tries to get the house to go to Las Vegas, but no one is interested.

JJ interviews members of the house for a school project. 

Detective Holloway was shot and is in surgery. 

Jimmy and Brett get called to treat a little girl at ballet class with signs of a brain bleed.

Will tells Brett she needs to get Otis to let him run the tests. She tries, but he refuses.

Casey is questioned by the Board of Ethics on the bribe he received. 

JJ's mom dies in surgery. 

Casey calls the consultant to get him out of the situation with the bribe. She gets it dropped and the money turned into a donation.

JJ's aunt arrives and she and Severide finally tell him that his mom died. Severide gives him Pouch. 




Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Nelson: Al Nelson, I'm with the Board of Ethics. I'm here to discuss the bribe you received.
Casey: I didn't realize the Board of Ethics would be involved.
Nelson: No? Do you know what the Board of Ethics does?

JJ: She likes you.
Severide; Your mom?
JJ: She calls you Kelly. Ever since my dad died, she calls almost every guy "nitwit", but you're just Kelly.