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Mouch announces that he and Platt are hosting a Battle of the Badges boxing match between them and the Intelligence Unit at PD. 

Jimmy volunteers to fight for 51, and Herrmann plans to train him. 

They get called to a scene with a lot of smoke, but no heat and no visible fire. Severide finds a military grade smoke grenade and says there are a bunch in there. 

Brett learns from another paramedic that Chili went through three partners at her last house.

Casey asks Dawson if she thinks Antonio would investigate the Alderman. 

The house learns there are bomb threats throughout the city. 

Brett confronts Chili about her drinking problem. 

Chili asks Boden for a new partner. 

Casey threatens to go to the press if Alderman Becks doesn't make good on his promise to donate the money to the tornado victims. 

Agent Ward comes to brief the house on a suspected future attack. 

Dawson knows how to box and offers to spar with Jimmy.

Boden offers Chili one last chance. 

Cruz finds out the boxing match is to fund Mouch's wedding.

The house gets a call to evacuate a building, but there are active shooters. 

Truck and ambo are inside, squad is outside. Squad rescues people from a window and Ward is shot covering them.

S.W.A.T arrives as Casey leads truck and survivors out of the building which is filling with smoke. 

Brett and Chili are still inside, and they treat an injured woman. S.W.A.T. arrives and takes out the shooter as he finds them.

Chili apologizes to Brett and admits she needs help.

Severide visits Ward in the hospital. Ward learns she'll be going to Miami.

Platt and Mouch decide to donate the money from the boxing match to the victims of the shooting.


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Casey: You think Antonio would be willing to-
Dawson: Investigate a city alderman?
Casey: Who is skimming money off a charity.

Mouch: Fifty bucks a head for a good cause.
Cruz: Oh, what's the cause?
Mouch: It's to be determined at this time.