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The house gets called to check on a carbon monoxide alarm. 

While investigating the leak, Severide finds a child's remains in the chimney.

Casey is down 5% in the polls with the election a week away. 

Becks goes on TV to say that Casey shouldn't be a firefighter and an alderman. Casey agrees to defer the alderman salary if he's elected. 

Severide believes he knows who's body it is based off a necklace. He links her to a previous case. 

Kidd gets her ex to play Herrmann's daughter's birthday party. 

Another debate is scheduled without Casey's knowledge. He doesn't want to miss another shift to do it. 

Severide goes to talk to the missing girl's mom, though the body has not been confirmed to be her daughter yet. 

The house gets called to a man who is crushed underneath a car. Casey saves him and is nearly crushed himself. A picture of his save ends up in the paper. 

The body is confirmed to be Courtney's, the girl Severide suspected it was. 

Kidd's ex doesn't show up to the birthday party. She improvises with Molly's Jr. and serves root beer to the kids. 

Severide goes to talk to Courtney's mom, Emma, and find out her brother killed Courtney. He attacks Severide, and Severide knocks him out. 

Casey wins the election for alderman. 



Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Herrmann: Stella, I can't hire your broken-down ex for my only daughter's birthday.
Kidd: He'll do it for free as long as he gets to record it.
Herrmann: Deal.

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Herrmann: You know what they call the guy who comes in second place? Loser.
Casey: I can always count on you for a pep talk, Herrmann.