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Dawson is brought to the hospital and finds out the fetus is outside of the uterus. Will Halstead takes her into surgery. 

Severide tells Boden he wants to find the missing files. Captain Patterson offers to help. 

Molly's is shut down due to a code violation saying the building is too close to the curb. 

Severide asks Jamie if she stole the files. She denies it. 

Will tells Casey that Dawson made it through surgery, but that it was not a viable pregnancy. 

They are called out to a house with power lines down. They borrow a wooden ladder to create a bridge to save a child before he's electrocuted. 

Mouse tells Severide and Duffy that they're looking for an inside person who deleted the files. 

Casey tells Dawson the baby didn't make it and a few minutes later she asks about the baby. Dawson starts bleeding again and has to go back into surgery. 

Jimmy's cousin looks into the code violation. 

Brett and Chili get called to the morgue to treat a man who was thought to be dead. 

Dawson pulls through the second surgery. 

Jimmy tells Hermann that Molly's can re-open due to historical limestone. 

The files are returned to Severide by Duffy. They find him contemplating jumping off a bridge. He jumps and Severide jumps in after him. He pulls him out of the water. 

Hermann tells Dawson and Casey that he and Cindy lost a baby once too. 




Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

We broke into a shed up the block. We owe 3226 a padlock.


Casey: Will, do everything you can for the baby. If it comes down to a choice, you save my girl.
Will: Matt, truth time, when I'm in there she's the only one I'm trying to save.