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Joe turns to Mouch for help when he's called in front of the review board regarding the incident at the bar he was working at. Mouch reaches out to his old contacts, but is left feeling grossly out of the loop when he finds out that there's been some staff turnover at CFD HQ. That, a run-in with an old colleague (now retired), and Cruz's anger when he receives a sixty day suspension with no pay have Mouch doubting his future at 51.

Matt tries to push through a bill creating a compensation fund for first responders hurt in the line of duty, but is shocked when another young alderman calls the measure self serving in an interview. Matt invites him down to talk to Kannell about his experiences so that he can see that the bill is truly necessary and for the good of others. Casey thinks that he's convince his opponent, and can't believe it when the other alderman pull their support. 

Dawson's dad shows up at the firehouse, leading to Gabby finding out that he's in some serious financial trouble after the divorce. Even though she's been upset and distant with him since the anti-anniversary party, she and Matt take him home after he drunkenly confesses everything at Molly's.

Severide bristles underneath 51's scrutiny and sympathy, taking most of his ire out on new recruit Kannell. In the end, he realizes that Jason is going through a similar situation, and helps him with a project indicating that Kannell will be a permanent member of squad.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

This is a firehouse. It's not group therapy.


Kannell: So, Severide isn't taking any time off?
Cruz: No, and we're glad. It's better if we can keep an eye on him. He doesn't really take good care of himself.