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Casey becomes obsessed with a crack house in the neighborhood after finding a child left in a car outside the house. It turns out that the mother wasn't a user, but simply trying to get her older daughter back. Olinsky lets him know that a raid is scheduled for the property and that everyone inside will be charged. 51 heads over and goes inside on the pretense of "smelling smoke." When the dealer pulls a machete and takes the girl hostage, 51 starts breaking in the walls, distracting him from the girl. The dealer runs off, and they reunite the girl with her family. She's taken to med for rehab.

Gabby and Sylvie train a new recruit, but when they take a call with multiple victims, he breaks protocol and performs CPR (without orders and unsupervised), saving a man's life, but breaking his ribs. When they find out that he could be dismissed from the program, Gabby and Sylvie go to bat for him, claiming they ordered him to perform CPR. The trainee keeps his job, but gets reassigned, and the ladies are ordered to take a retraining class.

Cruz's quick thinking on a call saves a man's fingers.

Everything is going well with Kelly and Anna when Benny turns up in the drunk tank down at CPD. Kelly is nervous about introducing Anna to his father, but she seems excited at the prospect. When she finally shows up to the dinner after her shift, something is off with her behavior, and she quickly makes her excuses. Kelly chases her down, insisting that he's nothing like Benny. Anna says that she may have made the biggest mistake of her life by moving to Chicago to be with him, and gets in a taxi.

Herrmann's son Lee Henry gets in trouble at school for not saying the pledge of allegiance, taking a knee instead. He says it was in protest of the vending machine prices going up. Herrmann is outraged, and rips into Lee Henry when Cindy brings him by the firehouse. Boden advises him to "talk less, smile more" in the meeting with the vice principal. Herrmann loses his cool when the vice principal says that Lee Henry must have learned such "inflammatory" "hate speech" from home. Herrmann ends up taking Lee Henry to a VFW charity breakfast, where every single veteran has a visible wound and tells him that yes, he has the right to free speech and also the right to be an asshole.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 18 Quotes

Kelly: So he's free to go?
Trudy: To be your problem, yeah. Benny, next time I'm not calling your son.
Benny: Thanks, Trudy. I'm sorry I threw up in the holding cell.

Mouch: Donuts.
Herrmann: What?
Mouch: My advice is bring donuts.
Hermann: That's your advice for everything.
Mouch: Yeah. Because it works.