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Brett and Dawson get Gabby's dad to Med quickly, and Connor's dad stitches him up. Ramon's act of heroism and resulting injury helps repair his relationship with his family, but Gabby feels guilty about how she yelled about him. The temporary media circus leaves her feeling at a loss as to how to connect with him. After the attention dies down, she visits and admits that she feels like she didn't do enough for him, but he reassures her that she's his hero; that everything that she does for him and for everyone else on a daily basis is the real example of courage. 

Sylvie and Antonio reconnect after Ramon's accident, and things get heavy fast, despite Stella's advice. Stella has been avoiding Kelly after her drunken kiss, misinterpreting his rejection of her advances as a sign of disinterest instead of the sign of respect he meant it to be. Her attempts to "get a life" leave him disheartened. 

Otis pushes the opening of Molly's North in an attempt to impress Lilly. Stella is worried that he's trying to do too much on too short of a timeline and that a poor opening will sink the endeavor, but Herrmann uncharacteristically allows Otis to take point. He manages to keep cool about Otis' decisions and screw ups until he gets an alert for a $2000 purchase. Herrmann's upset when he thinks that Otis bought the expensive jukebox to impress a girl, but Otis reveals that the jukebox is really for Herrmann, who always says that Molly's works because it's a neighborhood bar. 

Gabby covers for a girl who runs into a fire to steal fentanyl, putting the drugs back at the clinic before she and Kelly get the girl out to the ambulance. 

Boden has a strange reaction to rescuing an elderly man from an electrical fire. The man is a jazz musician from the old days who is found living all alone in a basement apartment. The man dies, and they find out that his daughter barely knew him. Boden invites her to the opening of Molly's North and shares that his father took him to see her father when he was young, and that his music was a way for the two men to connect even though they had very little in common. 


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

Matt: Woah, are those Cindy Herrmann brownies?
Kelly: *Annabelle* Herrmann brownies.
Matt: Are these...gummy worms?
Kelly: Yep.

Ramon: Your mom came to visit.
Gabby: Oh, yeah, she told me.
Ramon: I've been trying to get that woman to call me back for a year. Turns out, all I had to do was get stabbed a few time.