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Grizz tries to drive a wedge between Severide and Casey, making Casey look bad so that Kelly looks better. Kelly doesn't take kindly to his interference, but is also hurt when Casey assumes he sold him out after receiving a dressing down. When Kelly is nominated for a commendation for his response chasing down an escaped convict at a scene, he assume it was Grizz making another play to ensure his legacy. Casey and Severide resolve their differences in the midst of a massive fire at the water treatment facility when Casey follows Severide to the roof where they work together to close a valve to make sure that the others get out safely. Casey reveals that he was the one who nominated Kelly for the commendation. They end up having to jump off the roof of the building together into the river to escape the fire, but their fate is unknown. 

Herrmann's wife insists that he bring their daughter Annabelle to the firehouse for take your daughter to work day, but Annabelle doesn't seem too impressed--at least until Trudy shows up. Stella and Mouch side with Cindy when she says that Herrmann didn't really show Annabelle the firehouse and what being a fireman entails. She mostly just sat on the couch and watched TV all day. Cindy signs Annabell for the Police Explorers program and she and Trudy deliver an official warning to Herrmann about taking Annabelle out of school without notification. 

Matt and Gabby give up their spa day so that they can attend the memorial service of a county sheriff they were unable to save, and Gabby gives the certificate to Sylvie. She invites Stella, but she has a date with HazMat Zack, and Stella somewhat jokingly mentions that she should take Cruz. Cruz overhears and accepts, leaving Sylvie no way out. But Otis intervenes and tells Cruz that if he ruins the roommate "experiment" by making things awkward, he'll never forgive him. Cruz ends up sending Mouch in his place, much to Sylvie's surprise. 

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 11 Quotes

Herrmann [weirdly indicating with his head]: Hey, Trudy!
Trudy: What?
Herrmann keeps indicating with his eyes
Trudy: Christopher, use your words.
Herrmann: Would you mind maybe ix-naying the homicide-nay aorund the kid-nay?

Casey: I got an entire sermon on command humility.
Severide: Well, maybe it worth hearing. [incredulous] I didn't sell you out, Casey. It's not who I am. You should know that.