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Kelly gets caught in the middle of Boden and Grizz both campaigning for commissioner. Grizz gets mad when he finds out that Kelly campaigned for his chief and not for him. Boden manages to get the endorsement from the former commissioner (after he pushes Kelly into sharing his opinion of the two men), but a reporter shows up at Molly's asking questions about the money Boden had been sent by a grateful parent, calling it a bribe. 

Stella is uncomfortable with Kelly and Renee's relationship, and annoyed that the other woman has a knack for interrupting their alone time. She attempts to warn the other woman off, but Kelly has bonded with her son. When Renee can't locate Nicky or his babysitter, she comes to Kelly, pulling him away from a date with Stella. 

Casey and Gabby have been working on their baby making skills, but Gabby is disappointed when she's not immediately pregnant. She gets the name of a fertility doctor from Sylvie, and convinces Matt its a good idea to go get checked out. They find out that her previous pregnancy has left her with an aneurysm. The chance of the aneurysm bursting will go up if Gabby becomes pregnant. 

At a rescue site, Sylvie and Cruz meet somebody from the Indianapolis Fire Department who happens to work in equipment procurement. They're both excited about the prospect of a big sale of Slamigans...until Cruz picks up on his interest in Brett. Cruz is so upset by the man's obvious interest that he deliberately throws the sale, quoting a much higher price than the team agreed upon. Otis confronts him about the bad decisions he's been making lately, and says that his advice to ignore his feelings for Sylvie was no good. Joe argues against revealing his feelings to Brett, assuming that she's interested in the guy from Indy. But just as he's about to give up, Brett comes in with the equipment guy on the phone -- he's made a counter offer for the Slamigans. When Joe asks how she got him back to the table, she mentions it wasn't easy especially after she refused to go out with him, which gives Joe new hope. He decides to confess his feelings, but puts it off, wanting to make a grand gesture. 


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 22 Quotes

It's not his time, okay? It's my time. And let me tell you something, old friend, you're going to wish you hadn't stabbed me in the back.

Gris [to Kelly]

You know, I love this department. I just can't sit on the sidelines anymore, hope someone else takes care of it.