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Gabby is worried about Brea when she realizes her father is an addict, but tries to keep the family together. But when the dad is hospitalized during withdrawal, Family Services gets involved. Brea runs off after seeing Gabby speak to the social worker, unaware that Gabby was trying to help. Gabby's involvement causes stress between her and Matt, who are having communication issues. Gabby and Kelly end up looking for Brea on the streets. 

Sylvie resists Otis' attempts to find out who she's seeing, but immediately comes clean with Gabby. She insists that she's in a different place than the last time she and Antonio dated and that she can handle just sleeping with him. When Cruz and Otis find out who she's seeing, Cruz becomes worried for her. After Antonio says something to her about her being a "special one," she freaks out that they're getting too serious and ends things. 

Stella and Kelly keep being flirty with each other.

Donna's brother comes to town, which thrills her and annoys Boden. He's not a fan of Julian's, and Julian's new "consulting business" doesn't inspire confidence. When Julian pitches Boden a client who makes fire gloves, Boden doesn't believe it's a real deal. He decides to purchase the gloves anyway, and pay CFD back out of his own pocket. He's shocked when Julian shows up with high quality gloves -- and a discounted rate. When he confesses everything to Donna, he's surprised to find out that she knew how he felt about his brother all along. 

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Otis: Go on, spill it you're seeing someone.
Sylvie: Um, I don't need my roommates broadcasting what I do off shift to the entire firehouse.
Otis: That's the whole point of being roommates.

Stella: What are ya doing?
Kelly [by upturned table]: I'm tired of the wobble.
Stella: Well, jam paper under the legs.
Kelly: I'm not taking advice from a woman who duct tapes her mirror to the wall.