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Drunken idiot with a heart of gold yelling at bartender. Are either of these people regulars? Hoping it's the bartender and not the wasted guy. 

Severide's heart eyes are crazy not-subtle, even to a newbie that has literally zero context about this relationship. 

Oh, it's Steve from SATC. I like him already, on principle. 

"You're not doing your job as a parent unless your kid is scared to death of you." Don't know how I feel about that, but we'll see how this pans out. 

Oh, Joe. You should know better than to get your hopes up about anything in this universe. That usually leads to death or disappointment, surely. 

"She's trapped in there," is, if I had to guess, one of the most frequently used lines in this show. 

Wallace Boden seems like a straight-A kinda guy. Saving people, leading the team, etc., etc. 

Is Joe about to get that disappointment? He showed out knowing that he was about to get commended. Rookie move. 
"Maybe you should ponder that situation for a while, instead of struttin' around here, shaking your ass." - Severide, crushing Joe's dreams. 
Wait. Hold the phone. Is that badass bartender lady? She's a moonlight bartender? Must be, or Severide's got heart eyes for two gals. 
This is suspicious Boden is maybe not as straight-A as he seems. Or his friend is involved in some scary stuff. 
Cue defensive Boden. Is this a lost love or something? 
YES, he's being weird. Are you blind? That boy is in love with you. 
That was weird. 


Joe, having a moral dilemma about accepting this award after acting a fool. And then lying about it! Woof. 

This lady is a terrible liar. Boden can see right through it (hopefully). He also has some Severide-grade heart eyes going on for her, so that might be blinding him from the truth. Lost love theory getting more and more weighted. 

Lost love theory confirmed! Boden, you're an open book! 
Oh, he's married. Heart eyes disengage. This girl is TROUBLE. Do not kiss the cheeks of married men, sis. 
Oh snap - bartender friends sold his mug and now his life is falling to shambles. Moral dilemmas abound in this firehouse. 
Someone else is trapped! Cue the line. 
How many firefighters does it take to save man trapped in vent? Apparently quite a few! 
Cruz, now is not the time to choke. Now's the time to prove to Severide that you're worth that commendation. 
Also - how did that even happen? Was there just a big human-sized hole in that vent? 
Cruz, now is also not the time to be pouty. These firefighter guys are too hard on themselves, evidently. 
Yeah, Wallace. He's four years-old. You don't yet have to introduce him to the concept of fearing his parents. 
Wallace's wife seems like good people. Sharp as a knife. Intuitive. Who is Desiree? 
Don't do it, Boden. That's what she (old shady girlfriend lady) wants. 
Severide commands respect as soon as he walks into a room. 
Oh, they're exes. How interesting. What'd you do to Stella, Sev? Can I call him Sev? 
This situation seems shady, Boden. Jasmine does not look like a liberated divorcee. 
Drunk guy is back! Get that mug, Stella. Give Hermann's universe balance again. This guy is a world-class sleeze. 
Good for you, Boden. Banking on letting Jasmine know you care being enough is gonna end with her being dead. 
GULLIVER! Oh, this is so unfortunate. 
Look, Boden, as long as you can pull this off without getting yourself hurt, all power to you. But how often does that happen...?
Boden ain't playing. Definitely did not see it being the kid that is the issue in this situation.
Jasmine, be smart about this. Your kid just pointed a gun at you. He needs help that you won't be able to give him. 
"Losing that mug was the best thing that ever happened to this place." - Hermann, in a relieving turn of events. 
Severide is SO EXTRA. Yes, Stella. Can't wait to unbox what went down between these two. It smells angsty and right up my alley.
Get that commendation, Cruz. You seem precious and deserving. 
"That's what not only makes him a good firefighter, but a good man." Severide about Cruz, making everyone in the house tear up.
APRIL 24? BUT I'M HOOKED. Well, this will give me some time to binge the previous seasons and get to know these guys. 

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 7 Episode 18 Quotes

Losing that mug was the best thing that ever happened to this place.


That's what not only makes him a good firefighter, but a good man.