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Firehouse 51 responds to a house fire where a husband and wife are trapped. The husband, named Tim Larson, survives but his wife, Gail dies.

Tim laments how he doesn't know anyone in Chicago and all his family and friends have died.

Casey and Brett take it upon themselves to rally 51 and other Chicagoans to attend Gail's funeral.

Gorsch returns this episode, bringing promises of getting a second set of turnout gear for firefighters in an effort to reduce their exposure to dangerous carcinogens.

Boden and Severide check things and out, and everything seems to be on the up and up, until Severide, with the help of Ritter, discovers Gorsch received a kickback from the company where his friend works as the head of sales.

Gorsch loses his job, and the city comptroller promises to push through the order.

The new firetruck is a source of contention for Herrmann and Mouch.

Mouch later reveals he has felt jealous since Herrmann was promoted to lieutenant, but Herrmann says he doesn't feel like a lieutenant, as he is still treated as a regular firefighter.

Cruz gets upset when he misunderstands an invitation from Foster about having friends over.

He reveals he has pre-wedding jitters, and Foster promises they can host another rager together.

Brett reveals her biological mother wants to make contact, but she isn't ready for it yet.


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 13 Quotes

Casey: Is that who I thought it was?
Boden: Jerry Gorsch.
Severide: I thought he got booted to Siberia.
Boden: Yeah. Found his way back. I’d love to know why.

Casey: How was everyone’s weekend?
Foster: Dynamite.
Cruz: I can confirm that Foster’s weekend was very good.