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Casey and Severide disagree on a call 51 responds to where the firefighters find a car crashed in a frozen lake.

Severide wants to search the lake, but Casey says it's too dangerous.

Casey learns from police the accident looks like an attempted murder and believe the owner of the car, a woman named Lisa Burke, killed her fiance.

Lisa tells Casey her fiance drained her bank account and believes he staged the accident.

Casey and Lisa are eventually able to locate con artist and call the police.

Brett and Julie bond, but Brett is worried Julie won't have time for her once the baby comes.

Julie quells those fears when she reveals she is considering moving to Chicago, and Brett says she would like that.

Lily returns and wants Herrmann's help in starting a new business.

Herrmann wants to help Lily out with the rent, but he can't afford it.

Lily tells Herrmann she doesn't care about the money; she just wants his support and mentorship.

Boden is forced to diet by his wife Donna, and Kidd decides to join him in solidarity. 

Gallo and Ritter prepare food for them, but Boden and Kidd eventually cave on the diet.


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 16 Quotes

Casey: Everything all right, chief?
Boden: What’s that supposed to mean?
Herrmann: You seem a little on edge, that’s all.
Boden: Donna’s got me on some damn diet.
All: Oh.
Cruz: We’re all done by shift’s end.
Severide: Donna wants you to lose weight?
Boden: Do I look like I need to lose weight?
Kidd: Of course not chief, but that’s what diets are for sometimes.
Boden: Look, my last checkup, my cholesterol numbers are high. Now I’m following something I found on the internet called a surplus diet.
Mouch: Oh, I read about that: surplus of fiber, not fat.
Boden: A surplus of starvation is more like it.

Julie: But hey, I want to learn more about you.
Brett: Oh uh …
Julie: Like what’s your favorite movie?
Brett: Uh, I must have watched ‘La La Land’ like a hundred times.
Julie: Ugh, I loved ‘La La Land’ ‘til it got sad.
Brett: Oh same. I turn it off when they break up.
Julie: Well, they should have ended up together.
Brett: Totally.
Julie: Well, what about your favorite foods?
Brett: Do you really want to know what kinds of foods I like?
Julie: Sylvie, I want to know everything.