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Granger fills in for Herrmann for two shifts, and Casey's not happy about it.

Granger oversteps on a call but later apologizes for it. However, Casey keeps giving him a hard time.

Granger tries to make amends but reaches his breaking point, believing Casey is being unprofessional due to Granger's relationship with Brett.

Brett later calls Casey out for the same thing and tells him to deal with his unresolved feelings for Dawson.

Firehouse 51 responds to a fire at Severide's childhood home, bringing up some hard memories.

Severide then tries to help the family out after the parents lost all their son Dylan's insulin in the fire.

Severide goes to April, his old friend and neighbor, for help, and the pair reminisce.

Severide remembers how April was always there for him, and he later goes to find Dylan, who is about to run away.

Severide tells Dylan April has a plan to replace his insulin, and they go back to Med where Dylan's mother is about to wake up from her medically induced coma.

Cruz solicits pitches to expand his Slamigan empire and brand.

His chooses to create female-friendly firefighting equipment after overhearing Kidd, but the mock up designs are sexist.

Kidd and Mackey offer to take a pass for a cut of the profits.


Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 8 Quotes

Kidd: Was that crazy? Working a call in your childhood home?
Severide: Rooms seem smaller.
Kidd: It’s a good thing you knew where that kid might go.
Severide: It was my escape route – back bedroom, out the window, down the spout. You know April over at Med? She used to live up the street. She’d let me crash over at her place when I didn’t want to be home.
Kidd: This is in Benny’s heyday.
Severide: Yeah, and my mom, she was falling apart. Anyway, long time ago.

Granger: Hey, I just wanted to let you know I didn’t mean to step on your authority at the fire scene. 40 doesn’t have a captain. Makes me the one barking out orders until the chief gets there. I guess I just did it without thinking.
Casey: You’re only here a couple of shifts. Defer to me on calls, and we won’t have any more problems.