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Kidd takes the lieutenant's exam and is nervous how she did.

Boden announces at the end of the episode she passed.

Severide floats the idea of proposing to Kidd by Casey. He also encourages Casey to tell Brett how he feels.

Firehouse 51 responds to a fire at a pet food facility, and Casey and Severide work with the owner to identify the person responsible for illegally dumping sulfuric acid on a nearby vacant lot, which started the fire.

Casey and Severide track the source back to the owner of a gardening company and hatch a plan to catch the guy in the act.

The plan doesn't go according to plan, and Casey, Severide, and Herrmann have to pull the husband off the owner.

Casey and Severide then enter the gardening company facility and find the evidence they need, linking the owner to the illegal dumping.

Brett's apartment is being fumigated and brings Veronicat to work for the day.

At the same times, Gallo, Ritter, and Mouch help with the firehouse's annual garage sale, and Mouch accidentally sells Veronicat.

Brett is elated her demon cat is gone.

Mouch also learns he will be awarded the firefighter's medal of valor.

Chicago Fire
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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 14 Quotes

Severide: To be honest, it’s not the test that’s on my mind. It’s what comes next. I wanted to let her focus on making lieutenant so I’ve been holding off, but I want to talk to her about getting married.
Casey: You’re gonna propose?
Severide: Not exactly. She always used to say she’d never get married again, so I just want to put it out there as an idea. See where she’s at.
Casey: Huh?
Severide: What’s that mean?
Casey: No, nothing. I’m real happy for you. It’s exciting news.
Severide: Yeah, thanks.

Severide: The guy wanted me to leave him in the fire and go get his wife.
Casey: Seriously?
Severide: Yeah, he practically kicked me away.
Casey: Wow, that’s devotion.