Under Scrutiny - Chicago Justice
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Valdez argues that a search was legal, but the judge throws it out. Later, she is seen saying good night to the judge in the street. As they part company, shots ring out. and a guy on a bike rushes past. Valdez finds the judge and calls 911. 

The judge dies. Valdez gives a statement to Stone.

Later, Stone won't allow Valdez to help investigate. She claims she came in alone and Judge Kinsey came over to apologize after she lost the case. Mark tells Stone later he's not sure he believes that.

Laura and Antonio talk to Mrs. Kinsey and find out her foster daughter Kaitlyn is missing. They search Kaitlyn's room and find she has a Latin phrase in a notebook meaning "eye for an eye". They find Kaitlyn at a nearby cafe. Kaitlyn runs away and tries to bite Laura when she is caught. She is arrested.

Meanwhile, a bartender tells Stone that Valdez has been having an affair with Kinsey for a while. They came in separately but she didn't eat her calamari. He came in 10 min later and ate it.

Katilyn is completely oppositional and won't tell them much but recognizes Valdez as the person Kinsey was having an affair with. Valdez doesn't believe she killed her foster father but Stone won't let her work on the case. Alone in the room, Kiatlyn gets violent and trows things arounds.

Stone asks Valdez if she was sleeping with Kinsey. She won't answer. He warns her that there are ethical considerations.

The investigation continues. Someone sent a threatening letter saying Kinsey was horrible and let a rapist go. The investigators go to a meeting for rape survivors and interview a suspect named Zoey Butler who claims she was at a meeting when he was shot, but her fingerprints are on the bullets.

Zoey tells Laura that she was blacked out drunk and woke up with a penis in her mouth but Judge Kinsey reduced the charges to Criminal Sexual Misconduct and the perp only served 5 months. But she was at a meeting and did not kill the judge.

The investigation brings them to a rape victim advocate named Wendy Holt, who was out of town and didn't know the judge was killed. Holt tells them that Zoey's husband was making threats.

Laura and Antonio interview Zoey's ex-husband and arrest him after viewing the  motorcycle in his garage.

Stone talks to Dr. Charles who suggests the murder is motivated by revenge. The feelings of helplessness and powerlessness associated with rape also affect their loved ones.

On the stand, Zoey says she felt safe with John at first. She didn't tell him about the rape at first. When she did he became overprotective, wanted her to have a gun, etc. She hid the gun in her closet because she didn't want it.  She felt John was obsessed with protecting her. She ended the marriage because he only saw her as a victim, not a survivor.

The defense attorney wants Valdez's testimony excluded because of her alleged relationship with Kinsey. The judge refuses that but says she will give the jury a harsh instruction.

Zoey comes to see Valdez and says the judge was really only going along with what she told the probation officer. She mentions that she is engaged again. Valdezz mentions it off the record to Stone.

The fiance comes to court and John goes nuts, admitting that he killed Kinsey to get revenge and that Zoey is supposed to be with him.

Valdez tells Stone that if her relationship with Ray could help the case, she would have told him what it was.

Chicago Justice
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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Attorney: The police broke down his door.
Valdez: They heard a toilet flush.
Attorney: He has a weak bladder.
Valdez: There were exigent circumstances.
Attorney: It was a violation of his 4th Amendment rights. All Luis was doing was downing a six pack.
Valdez: As far as they were concerned, he was getting rid of his stash.

Laura: PD found the shell casing. It was a 32. Seems like this was a hit.
Stone: Guy was on the bench for 15 years, must have put away at least 500 bad guys.
Antonio: That's 500 motives.