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In the courtroom hallway, Stone tries to comfort the parents of a victim, but are interrupted by the defendant, Byron, who claims to be innocent.

In court, Voight testifies that Byron was arrested after a sweatshirt with the victim's blood was found under his dirty underwear. Danny was beaten savagely.

Byron's friends at the frat house make anti-Muslim comments. While searching Byron's room, Laura admits she thinks Muslims get too many advantages in the US. They are surprised to find a copy of the Quran in Byron's room.

A Muslim girl, Addie, tells Antonio and Laura that she gave Byron the Quran. Byron was with her all night on the night of the killing. She hasn't come forward because her father would not approve of the relationship. They had sex the night Danny was killed.

Antonio and Laura check out Danny's bedroom. They find out he had a roommate, Jaffar. Jaffar says they were roommates for six years but after he broke up with his girlfriend, Danny wouldn't take him back. The girlfriend says Jaffar was insecure and believed Danny was plagarizing his work, but she was afraid if she came forward she'd be labeled an Islamophobe.

Valdez wants more evidence. She suggests they use Find My Phone to find Danny's phone. They find it it in a manhole.

Jaffar is arrested after trying to run away from the cops at his college.

Jaffar's attorney, Billy O'Boyle, seems both affable and anti-Muslim. When the star witness is a traditionally dressed Muslim woman, O'Boyle first tries to demand she remove her face covering and then questions her about her clothing and implies she has diabetes because of it and thus couldn't see properly. Stone redirects but fears it could have gone wrong very easily.

O'Boyle puts Jaffar on the stand and Jaffar claims Danny was a terrorist and he killed him to stop him from planting an explosive.

Stone cross examines and says they didn't find any evidence of explosives and suggests Jaffar really killed Danny out of jealousy. Jaffar maintains that this is the greatest thing he's ever done in his life.

Stone struggles with his closing but Valdez is able to help him. At closing, O'Boyle talks about his nephew the Marine in Iraq. Stone encourages the jury to be great Americans and punish Jaffar for denying Danny his right to a trial with his vigilante justice.

Jaffar is found guilty. Stone and O'Boyle share a drink and talk about racism. 

Chicago Justice
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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Laura: His brother was killed in Kabul. There's our motive.
Antonio: You've seen one Muslim...
Laura: I'm not saying that I agree with those assholes out there, but we do seem to go out of our way to make them comfortable.

Mother: Danny was a scholar. He was studying for his PhD in physics.
Stone: I know how difficult this has to be for you.
Mother: Usually we walked him to the bus stop. But I was too tired -
Father: They know this already.
Mother: And you had your game.
[Byron comes over]
Byron: Mr. and Mrs. Moseri, I'm so sorry about what happened to Danny.
Father: Get away from me!
Byron: Dude! I'm just trying to tell you, I didn't kill your son.