On Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 7, Stone comes face-to-face with the past when DNA similar to that of a serial killer he convicted surfaces in a murder investigation.

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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 7 focuses on the murder of a pregnant woman who worked with disabled people.

When Julia Keyes is found dead and a bloody baseball bat found nearby, it is up to Laura and Antonio to find out exactly what happened to her. Their investigation leads them to a yoga group for pregnant women and then to Julia's ex-husband and his jealous girlfriend, Amber. They seem to be hitting dead ends until new evidence leads them to a gruesome discovery: a woman holding Julia's dead baby.

That's not the only uncomfortable discovery made in this investigation, as DNA is found on the scene that is a match for David Zachariah, a serial killer Stone sent to prison years ago. Stone is even more shocked when it turns out the defendant in the current murder case is Zachariah's biological daughter. During the trial, Dawn's defense attorney tries to argue that she couldn't help murdering Julia and the baby because she inherited murderous genes from her father.

Meanwhile, Laura questions whether she is an addict because her father is an alcoholic and attempts to regain shared custody of her child.

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On Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 7, the investigators scramble to find the baby when a pregnant woman is murdered and her unborn baby is taken.

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Chicago Justice Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Laura: The woman who rented the locker -
Valdez: Wait, we don't know that it was a woman.
Laura: Call me heteronormative, but statistically, this is a woman's crime.

Antonio: Name given was Nicky Neele.
Laura: That sounds real.
Antonio: About as real as the address. There is no 721 Broad Street, and he paid cash up front for five years.