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Two patients are brought in after stowing away on a flight from Mexico. The man fell out of the plan and has trauma injuries including his foot being twisted around backwards, while the woman is suffering from hypothermia. When Connor expresses compassion for what could have driven them to make such a dangerous choice, Will responds like a jackass. Sarah treats a boy with a probable broken clavicle. Sharon and Charles talk about Rhodes Sr.'s donation to the hospital. Nat comes in complaining about how she is unable to sleep at this stage in her pregnancy. The woman from the plane is awake and Connor checks on her with April. They tell her that her brother is injured. She reveals that they stowed away to keep their father from selling her to the Sinoloa drug cartel. Sarah shows the boys X-ray to his parents explaining he wont need surgery, and Nat comes in to check on the situation. He starts seizing unexpectedly. Once Nat gets him under control, she decides to run some tests. Two homeland security agents show up in Sharon's office looking to interview Maria. Connor tells the agents that she's not able to talk to them. Choi stitches up a kid who had an accident on his bike when he and Connor get called to Miguel's room. They are too late to save him. Maria starts exhibiting signs of compartment syndrome. Connor overrides Will and they perform the faciatomy right there. Despite Will's gloom and doom outlook, the procedure is a success and Connor reprimands him for his behavior. Maggie shares some of Connor's past with Will -- his mother killed herself when he was ten -- to try to get him to back off of Connor for at least the day. Sarah brings the kids test results to Nat. They are on the way to tell the parents about the boys diagnosis when Nat's water breaks. Maggie helps Nat walk the halls, and Will shows up to spell her while she finds somebody to cover her shift. Nat's mother-in-law Helen shows up to support her, and takes over for Will after being thrown by seeing the two together. Sharon gets called to a board meeting to discuss Maria. Sarah goes to Charles to ask for help breaking the news to Parker's family about his diagnosis. He advises her to be direct but compassionate and to follow their lead. He offers to come along while she breaks the news. She delivers the news a little awkwardly, but does well for her first time with this type of task. She breaks down in the ladies room afterwards. Connor arrives at Maria's room to find that the DHS is "repatriating" her back to Mexico. Connor confronts Sharon about Maria and she reveals that it was the hospital's decision not DHS'. Connor does not take the news well. The OB tells Nat that there was merconium in Nat's water. The room is a little crowded with Maggie, Helen, and Will. Helen confronts Will about his feelings for Nat and he leaves. The boy that Choi tested earlier is brought by with GSW's from a drive-by. Choi fights to save him, but it's too late. As soon as TOD is called, Choi realizes who the kid is. Sarah and Charles stand by while the parents break the news to Parker. Charles ends up having to take over. Helen fibs to Nat when she asks where Will is. The labor isn't progressing as hoped, and the doctor asks Helen to leave. The OB wants to do a C-section, but Maggie wants to try rotating the baby first. The cord is wrapped around the baby when Nat delivers, and he's aspirated merconium. The doctor's go to work on him, and he eventually starts crying, and Maggie hands him back to Nat. Charles helps Parker start making videos for Seth, and Sarah delivers the good news that Seth tested negative. Rhodes' senior delivers his speech about his donation. Nat names her baby Owen. Connor approaches his father after the event, telling him about his patients and that he should never have left his sister Claire. He then tells his father that he's never told Claire about "what really happened" the night their mother died. Will visits with Nat and Owen, and the rest of the ER team comes in to toast little Owen as well. 


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Will: How you feeling?
Nat: Wonderful. You know, considering the fact that I can't sleep for longer than fifteen minutes, and when I do actually get comfortable, I have to pee.

Connor: What kind of screwed up life did she have that she took a risk like that?
Will: Hey, no offense, but not everyone's born a Rhodes.
Connor: Thanks. I keep forgetting that.