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A high end department store is installing a Chihuly chandelier when the rope snaps and falls on one of the owners, Russell Rollins. Kelly, Brett, and another EMT bring him in. Connor knows the patient and his boss, Claire. They do the xray in the exam room. Will and Connor have a bit a territorial spat. Claire turns out to be Connor's sister. 

A new doctor comes in as Connor puts in a chest tube. She discuss where to cut the chandelier with Kelly. Will tries to gossip with Nat, but she blows him off, still mad about his behavior. He asks her about a patient to warm her up, and mentions that he sent an apology gift, and tries to force his apology on her. She asks about the patient. Choi checks on a patient who is in the military and may have diabetes. He's upset that a diagnosis would end his military career. Nat examines the vertigo patient. She connects with the girl over her music career, freezing Will out. The new doc is impatient with Sarah, and Connor tries to compensate. 

Connor fills Claire in on Russell's condition. The conversation quickly devolves into blame about the family situation. Will and Connor go over Russell's scans, and Will recommends using a new technology to visualize the glass penetrating Russel. Nat visits the army patient, who was in the same battalion as her husband. Connor updates Claire, who has been joined by their father, and tells them that Russell will have a some costly bills coming even with insurance. Claire is quick to say that they'll cover the costs, but Mr. Rhodes objects. Choi consults with Charles about Captain Jackson, who is masking two fractured vertebrae. Jackson is upset when he finds out that Charles is a psychiatrist. He becomes agitated and tries to leave, but passes out. 

Sarah asks Maggie for help with an IV, and trades for a kid with a broken arm. Mr. Rhodes expresses concerns about Connor to Sharon. When she refuses to remove Connor from the case, he threatens her with legal action. Will's vertigo patient is diagnosed with acoustic neuromas, which will require surgery which may take her hearing. Dylan requests to speak to Nat before making a decision. Choi treats Jackson while Charles speaks to the wife in the hallway. The chairman of the hospital visits Sharon about Connor after Mr. Rhodes spoke to him. She insists that it doesn't matter how much he gives, he shouldn't be allowed to dictate how the hospital is run. Sharon checks on Connor and Zanetti going over the SNAP scans. The updates the Rhodes' and Zanetti comments on Rhodes Sr. The subclavian artery is lacerated as they remove the glass. 

Connor takes over suturing for Zanetti when she can't get visibility. Choi and Charles discuss Jackson, and Charles approaches the wife about how she's been causing the diabetes. Sharon checks in with Maggie about Rhodes. She then speaks to Mrs. Jackson about how she was dosing her husband with prednisone. Sharon explains that the hospital has to report the abuse. Nat tells Will that Dylan is refusing surgery until after her recital. Will doesn't take it well. Nat visits Dylan with her violin and talks her into the surgery. Will watches from outside. Choi updates Jackson on his condition and Jackson stops his wife as she's surrendering to the police, leaving with them. Sharon joins Connor to share the outcome of the surgery with the Rhodes'. Maggie catches Sarah spacing out, and takes her to an exam room to practice IVs. Zanetti catches Connor on her way out. Will breaks the news that Dylan got through the surgery but without her hearing. Nat forgives him. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Dr. Daniel Charles: That your dad?
Dr. Connor Rhodes: Yep.
Dr. Daniel Charles: Fathers like that keep me in business, baby.

Your father, is he as big a tube steak as he seems?

Dr. Toni Zanetti