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Things are going well between April and Jenkins until Noah shows up at a party they're out and sees her brother administering supplements to football players. At first she takes her anger out on Tray, but apologizes to him after talking to Noah and then Maggie about how Noah's decisions are his own.S

Dr. Manning and Connor treat a 16 y/o girl who is suffering from extreme stomach pains but refuses to use any painkillers out of fear of ending up like her father, who is addicted to heroin. After attempting an endoscopy with only a numbing agent, Nat convinces the father, who has just shot up, to approve giving the girl an opiate. Later, she has hallucinations. Dr. Charles, who does not suspect that this is psychosomatic, interviews the father on a hunch, which leads to a diagnosis of a genetic disorder. The father suffers from the same condition, but unfortunately does not seem receptive to Charles' offers to help him detox from the heroin that he has been self medicating with.

Connor has been avoiding a lunch date with his sister, and she shows up at the ER to confront him about it. They discuss how they remember the events surrounding their mother's depression and eventual suicide differently -- she maintains that their father protected them from her illness, while Connor struggles to accept any explanation other than that their father was the driving factor in her death.

An old "friend" of Will's from his childhood  neighborhood shows up in the ER with leg pain. The patient and his brother picked on Will in high school, and the older brother still insists on calling him "Ginger." Will diagnoses the younger brother with a DVT, but recommends against blood thinners since he has sustained multiple concussions over the years. When he throws the DVT and develops a pulmonary embolism, the older brother blames Will and insists on another doctor. Later, he approaches Will, mad that he dropped the case. The attending physician now treating the younger brother plans on using tPA, a clot buster, to break up the embolus, but the risk of stroke is even higher than with a blood thinner. Will goes into the procedure at the last minute and stops her, which only ticks her off. She later tells Will that she's on the hiring committee and that he should consider applying to other hospitals at the end of his residency.

Choi treats a young mother who has gone into premature labor after suffering a placental abruption. She refuses to agree to a C-section because she is a surrogate mother and a premature delivery would mean sacrificing not only two months of living stipend but also the full-term "bonus" payment, which she is counting on to get her and her two boys into a home again. Sharon and Choi try to negotiate with the surrogacy agency, and are shocked to find out that the biological parents have the option to refuse to adopt the baby if it is pre-term. Nat finally convinces the woman to go forward with the C-section, explaining that she will leave her boys orphans otherwise. The biological parents refuse to take the baby, and the agency lawyer tries to put a positive spin on the situation, saying that some "adventurous" parents may be will to take the child, and maybe even pay Neela a portion of the bonus she was expecting. 

Sharon is looking for a contractor to convert the basement into a man cave for her husband, Bert, in an attempt to distract him from his urgings for her to retire so that they can travel the world. 




Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

This is why we all worked so hard to send you to medical school? So you could keep a bunch of party animals from getting hangovers?

April [to Noah]

You've got to be kidding me. Ginger Spice is our doctor!

Brian Tate [about Will]