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April and Sarah are gushing over pictures of Nat and baby Owen. Will is suspiciously disinterested. An MVA is brought in -- two of the victims are on their first date. The woman has a severe head wound and internal bleeding, but the man seems fine. The offending driver is brought in cuffed to the gurney, with a broken arm. Roman reveals that he car-jacked a woman before the accident and is an ex-con, but Will insists that he be un-cuffed. The man groans out that he's sorry in front of Sarah and Will before they get a look at how bad is arm is. Connor and Sam perform surgery on the girl, Jessica, discovering a tear in her mesentery and removing her spleen. April treats a repeat homeless patient. He gave away his boots to another man at the shelter. She gives him a tetanus shot and leaves him to soak his frostbit feet. Maggie gets off a difficult phone call and Sharon cheers her up by reminding her that a long term patient is getting a bone marrow transplant. Apparently Sharon used to be the ER charge nurse. Sharon visits the patient, and the little brother has been raising money to help his sister. He and his friends shoveled driveways and their going to use the money to send the donor on a vacation. Sam and Connor are messing around in the elevator and she bangs her elbow holding the door for another person. She tells Will she had previously injured it while she was in Orlando for a conference. He insists that she head to Ortho to have it looked at. Sarah delivers the driver's X-ray results to Will. They tell the patient that he needs surgery, but he refuses treatment. He is insisting that he be re-cuffed when he starts coughing up blood and loses consciousness. His wife shows up at the ER and wants information about Blevins. Will gives her a report, and takes her to Blevins. Jay interrupts them on the way to his room. She is outraged that he stole a car and is more than willing to cooperate with the police. Charles comes down to talk to April's patient; she is a little defensive about him. Helen and Nat talk as Owen nurses. Nat brings up that her parents want her to move back to Chicago. Helen tries to take the news in stride, but is clearly shocked and upset. Charles interviews Bobby. He was living in Lincoln Park up until two months ago. Choi points out a hematoma to the male patient, and explains that they're going to keep an eye on him. He asks about Jess again, and explains why he feels so guilty. Sharon receives the bone marrow stem cells, but after they are handed off, a board member shows up to put the kibosh on the treatment. The hospital is concerned about the perception of paying donors once they discover the brothers fundraising fliers. Sharon has to deliver the bad news to the family. Will checks on Blevins, he is concerned about the fate of the couple he hit. Will reveals that they found a mass on his CT scan, but Blevins already knows that he has cancer, but that he hasn't told his wife. Mike goes to check on Jess, who is awake. Helen cuddles Owen, and Nat's parents arrive. Helen is reluctant to hand Owen over and has a hard time watching the family together. Charles orders a CT for Bobby. He thinks that Bobby is rational, but possibly a little compulsive. The board member from earlier is in the ER with headaches. Sharon tries to get him to work with her, and they talk through the legal problems. The alarm goes off in Jess' room, but it's Mike, not her. He's ruptured the hematoma. Will performs the surgery, but Sam comes in halfway through and is short with him. He takes a tone back, and she reminds him that she is his superior. Their argument continues after the procedure, and Sam tries to call it quits. Maggie finds Helen in the hallway, upset about the idea of Natalie leaving Chicago. April is with Bobby when Charles brings back the CT results: Bobby suffered a stroke that left lesions which are causing his compulsive generosity. Christy starts to crash, and her team fights to get her back. Maggie asks Will to take a gift basket up to Nat, and he expresses his concern that he's being too aggressive with her. Maggie tells him that everyone knows he likes Nat, and to just act normal around her. He heads up to see Nat, and is confused by Helen's sudden friendliness. He discusses Blevin with Nat, and she points out that he'll get free medical care in prison. Connor approaches Sam about their altercation, and she's defensive. He suggests that her behavior had more to do with her own situation than him. She ends up calling things off, saying that they were a mistake. Sharon gets an update about Christy's conditions -- it's not good. She tells the doctor to go ahead with the stem cell transplant against the board's orders. Will confronts Blevins about his plan to get sent to jail, and encourages him to tell the truth to his wife. Charles tells April that Bobby had another stroke, and another change of personality. Choi and Connor discuss the closeness of Jess and Mike, who are now sharing a room. Choi attributes it to shared trauma, and Connor doesn't think it will last. Christy is doing better with the transplant, and Sharon finds out that the hospital isn't going to fire her, nor are charges going to be pressed. She's a little disgusted that it took Christy almost dying to get the hospital to see reason.  Sam and Connor make amends in the locker room. Will fills Jay in on Blevis, but tells him to keep his mouth shut after they disagree on the situation. Nat leaves with Owen, her parents, and Helen. April and Charles have a discussion about human kindness and faith in others after realizing how much Bobby has changed. 

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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

It amazes me how dumb a doctor can be. Everybody knows you like Natalie.

Maggie [to Will]

Roger, that excuse is so lame it needs crutches!