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It's match day, and Sarah is nervous about her future. Her creepy boyfriend is not good at calming her. An annoying patient who treated Sarah badly collapses, and she figures out that his head injury is causing him to leak cerbal-spinal fluid out of his nose. Choi is busy with a gsw, and instructs her to drill the necessary burr holes herself. Sharon starts to chew out Sarah, but Choi stands up for her. Sarah spends the day in confusion over what she wants the results of match day to be. She gets her result -- Chicago Med, pathology. Zack is excited for her, but Sarah is less enthusiastic as she looks around the ED longingly. 

April has a hot new love interest -- a former Bears player who brought in his son who swallowed some magnets. She tries to brush his interest off as transference. Nat and Connor recommend surgery for the boy, but the dad is slow to make the decision, resulting in an intestinal tear. Connor brings Nat into the surgery when things get tricky. 

Choi and Charles treat a man who who is suffering from BIID. Choi is not especially accepting of Charles' diagnosis. Charles tries to find a way to work with the guy to help resolve the BIID. Charles wants to discuss therapy options, but the patient evades discussion by claiming to be tired. Later, when the patient starts screaming, they find that he slipped a restraint and tied some of the tubing around his arm, cutting off circulation and forcing the doctors to amputate.

Will treats a woman who is brain dead after being struck in the head by falling ice. Her husband wants to harvest her eggs, but the OBGYN department won't go forward after finding that the woman had an IUD. The husband insists on going forward anyway, and the hospital's legal council agrees that it is his call. 

Nat's mother-in-law wants her to have baby Owen baptized. Will volunteers to make the arrangements. She struggles with having to make all the decisions for Owen on her own. Maggie advises Will to give Nat space. Nat gets some advice from Connor about the baptism. She eventually decides that she will have Owen baptized, but not in a Catholic church, but one that she's a part of instead. Will tells her that he's moving on. She has the baby baptized in the hospital chapel. 

Sharon's husband is retiring and wants her to retire as well so that they can travel the world. 

Will finds out that Jennifer Baker is going downhill, and later he sees her being wheeled out of the hospital. She's going home to die. Later, he watches her funeral from afar. Mr. Baker approaches him, and thanks him. Jay gives him some philosophical advice as they walk around grant park. 

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Hey, take it from a former alter boy. Baptism's a piece of cake. A lot easier than a bris.


Nat: But I'm not religious. Wouldn't it be hypocritical?
Will: Eh, think of it like a vaccination. Do it and get it over with.