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Nat experiences a crisis of confidence when she misses a diagnosis and a patient dies. She's also stuck in the middle of Nina and Will's relationship issues, but Will finally calls Nina out on her behavior, she admits her insecurities to him, and he makes the decision to step back from Nat and commit to Nina. He ends up canceling his plans for the evening with Jay, who offers the extra Blackhawks ticket to Nat instead. She accepts.

Nat and Connor treat a pregnant woman in heart failure who refuses any treatment that could even potentially effect the baby because the fetus is a bone marrow match for her 9 year old daughter. When she decompensates further, they convince her they can place the LVAD without putting her on bypass, but things don't go well during the surgery and the baby is lost. The nine year old is the only one with any kind of rational perspective in the matter. 

Noah tries to get charm Choi into giving him the answer to a diagnostic challenge from Stohl, but the navy doc tells him to figure it out himself in after giving him one hint. Later, Noah complains to April that Choi is pushing him too hard and asks her to ask him to back off. She does so, and Choi points out that Noah will never be a truly good doctor if he keeps half assing it because others do his work for him. She defends her brother, but then catches him (unsuccessfully) flirting with Sarah instead of working on the case. He manages to find the correct solution, but it was just as much luck as skill. Stohl is still a dick.

Robin comes in for her psych eval, and Daniel can't keep out of it. He logs into her file and doubts Reese's abilities when he doesn't see any case notes. He steals his daughter's keys at lunch, and goes to her apartment. What he finds is shocking -- holes in the wall, mousetraps EVERYWHERE, and furniture covered in tin foil. He returns to the hospital and has Robin committed. Sarah confronts him, outraged, telling him that she knew that Robin was unwell, but she was trying to gain her trust by releasing her for the night, hoping that she would voluntarily commit herself, which would mean she would be more open to treatment. 


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 21 Quotes

Will: You're in good hands with Dr. Manning.
Patient: And those hands couldn't be prettier. Thank you, sweetheart.
Nat [leaving the exam room]: Why is it that older men always think they can call you sweetheart?

Anyone else gets a little anxiety, they get a massage. Daughter of a psychiatrist -- a full blown psych eval.