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Natalie faces off with Stohl at the M&M but she Jeff provides a little too much support when he interrupts the Socratic process to defend her. After admonishing him that she can take care of herself, the M&M continues, only to conclude with Stohl's laying the blame at the feet of Halstead, Rhodes, and Manning collectively and then publicly shaming Nat for her relationship with Jeff. She ends up taking Jeff up on his earlier offer of drinks only to let him down not so gently and end their relationship.

When the officer who arrested Maggie is brought in after a freak accident and is found to be brain dead, Platt demands that Maggie be taken off of the transplant team. April is pulled in as the replacement, but Maggie is upset both at being unable to fulfill her duty and because of her own complicated feelings about the officer. She eventually convinces Sharon to let her handle the case, and she is upfront with the officer's husband that she holds no resentment as they were both just doing their jobs. In addition to coordinating with the organ transplant teams, Maggie makes sure that the family can be with the officer through the final procedure, that she is able to hold a necklace from her mother as she passes, and that an honor guard is allowed to stand vigil as the heart is transplanted into a waiting patient.

Megan gets called in when she's a match to the officer, but she and her daughter end up in a car crash on the way in. Test results show that her blood alcohol level was 0.05, which disqualifies her from receiving the heart. She finally admits that she fell off the wagon and had two shots when she heard that a friend from the transplant support group had died. Connor feels betrayed and ashamed that he vouched for her. Dr. Latham is very by the book and is of the opinion that she violated the rules and that's that. Charles has a more nuanced viewpoint -- he thinks that falling off the wagon was actually good for her recovery, and as was the accident as a whole, but then also states that as hopeful as he is for Meghan, experience tells him that she can't manage her recovery on her own. The transplant committee votes that she should not receive the heart, with two against, one for, and two abstentions. Ultimately, the next recipient turns out to be too far away, so Meghan ends up getting the heart. 

The accident also reveals that Megan's daughter has an AVM. Meghan feels guilty that her illness made them ignore her daughter's earlier complaint about back pain. Dr. Abrams performs the surgery, and all goes well. Sarah is currently on a rotation with him, and is not impressed with his interpersonal relation skills.

After the transplant committee meeting, Latham asks Charles how he knew that Meghan was sorry and regretted her drinking, and Charles explains about the non verbal cues that he picked up on. Latham admits that he doesn't see those things and Charles offers to help him.

April and Tate go in for another sonogram, and find out that everything now seems to be fine with the baby. Tate encourages April to take time off work to decrease her stress; she refuses and throws the fact that he wanted to discuss termination back in her face. 


Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Natalie: How dare you?
Jeff: I know, I shouldn't have --
Natalie: I am *not* a damsel in distress and I do *not* need you to defend me.

April: If it was up to you, there wouldn't even be a baby.
Tate: April, I told you, I'm sorry. The only reason I wanted to consider terminating was I thought the baby would have no quality of life. I didn't want to put you -- us through that.