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Natalie, Will, and Connor treat a pregnant woman who was in a car accident and is suffering from a pseudo aneurysm, as well as her father, who seemed fine at first, but then collapsed in the hallway with a severe MI. Natalie is overly cautious in her recommendations because she's worried about the baby, but eventually agrees to Connor's treatment. The baby has to be delivered via C-section midway through the procedure. Connor's new supervisor seems socially stunted outside of the ER, but he shocks everyone when he literally throws a fit after Connor challenges him in the OR. After the surgery, he acts as if nothing is wrong. The father ends up not responding well to the surgery, and dies despite Connor's exhaustive efforts. But as the daughter and her new baby are brought in, right after TOD has been called, he revives and has a touching moment where he reaches out to his new granddaughter before he finally expires. 

Connor's new teacher, Dr. Latham, is socially awkward and flat out tells Connor that he wanted to give the fellowship to another candidate. His awkwardly blunt personality becomes almost hostile in the OR. Although he tells Connor that he should feel free to express his opinion, his actions don't support his words. 

Will is clearly jealous of Jeff and his relationship with Natalie. He repeatedly interferes to keep Jeff from gaining practical experience. When Jeff performs an emergency procedure to keep a patient from going blind, Will reprimands him. He tells Maggie that he's being hard on Jeff because he knows first hand how flaunting the rules can impact your career.

Will struggles to find malpractice insurance. The best quote he is able to find will run him $34k/yr, plus he's going to have to start repaying his medical school loans.

Natalie and Jeff start out as friendly coworkers, but she goes home with him after drinks at Molly's and his reminders about how she used to be the fun one in their group. 

April is freaked out about her TB diagnosis and is letting it affect her relationship with Tate. Her point of view shifts after she treats an HIV positive man and observes his relationship with his wife.

Dr. Charles recruits Sarah to the psych department. He has her come in for a trial run observation day. She manages to connect with their teenage patient, but Dr Charles corrects her when she congratulates herself for "fixing" the girl, pointing out that she may have alleviated the specific issue that led to her suicide attempt, but not the underlying mental illness that caused her to overreact so severely.

Chicago Med
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Chicago Med Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Dr. Latham: Dr. Downey thought very highly of you. I'm curious, there are rumors. Did you kill him?
Connor: I'm sorry?
Dr. Latham: Did you?

Maggie: I hate killing their dreams.
Sharon: No, you like to let them hang themselves.